What the 2013 Draft Says About the 2011 Draft

Maybe it says nothing. But the picks we made over the weekend have me reflecting on the picks we made in 2011. And I can’t help but wonder if my excitement over the latest additions to the Redskins roster should be tempered when I look back at 2011.

In my opinion we stole Jawan Jamison in the 7th round. He’s not a speedster but I think that’s an overrated trait in 3rd down backs to be honest. Make no mistake, it’s important. But I want someone who can catch passes out of the backfield and be an effective blocker on 3rd down. And those are Jamison’s best qualities.

So, should I be excited that we drafted Jamison…or disappointed that 2011 draft choice RB Evan Royster went from penciled in as the starter last summer to 3rd down back last winter to probably off the roster?

I expected Chris Thompson to be a 7th rounder/UDFA to be honest. His injury history scared me more than his talents excited me. Of course, now that he’s a Redskin I think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. The one thing I clamored for on Twitter (follow me @TMM75) was the need for a COP (change of pace back). Yeah, I was the guy pushing for Andre Ellington. Maybe it’s because in my (flag) football days, I was the COP back I have a soft spot for them. Thompson has the speed and big-play ability to be the home-run hitting COP back that will make Kyle Shanahan’s offense even more explosive than it already is.

So, should I be excited that we drafted Thompson…or disappointed that 2011 draft choice RB Roy Helu has been unable (largely due to durability concerns) to hold on the COP back position that Kyle had anointed on him as recently as a January 2012 interview on ESPN980?

Jordan Reed offers a lot of flexibility as a “move” TE. He’s a Fred Davis clone in so many respects, both good and bad. He’s fast, good hands…and a poor blocker. With Davis coming off an achilles injury and one year removed from being a FA, it makes sense to grab a guy like Reed to complement the more “traditional” TE in Logan Paulsen.

So, should I be excited that we drafted Reed…or disappointed that 2011 draft choice WR/TE Niles Paul didn’t show the ability last season to make the transition to TE that the Shanahans envisioned for him and could be nothing more than a special teams gunner in 2013?

I’m higher on Phillip Thomas than most others and not as high on Baccari Rambo. But combined they’re potentially a potent safety tandem. Thomas is extremely versatile, but particularly shines as a solid “in the box” Strong Safety while Rambo plays the single high Free Safety well enough that maybe we can abandon the D.Hall at FS experiment.

So, should I be excited that we drafted Thomas/Rambo…or disappointed that 2011 draft choice S Dejon Gomes has failed to make any real positive impact?

I suppose it’s a little of both. I’m very happy with most of our selections over the weekend (not thrilled with the Jenkins choice). But I can’t help but be a disappointed with the verdict this weekend has seemingly given the middle of our 2011 draft.



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