Every year fans look for the next star QB, the next Reggie White at DE, but what makes teams are the picks between rounds 4 to round 7. With the Redskins facing the 18 million dollar cap penalty, the draft will be one of the biggest ways for the Redskins to continue building while still facing this penalty. Here’s a look at 5 guys who could make an impact for the Redskins that can be had in those rounds 4 to 7.

Quanterus Smith DE/OLB Western Kentucky

While not as highly regarded as others, Smith is one of the best pass rushers in this class. But there has to be a down side to Smith, right? Well He tore his ACL last year and is right now recovering from this injury. When healthy though Smith is a top 3 round pick who can be one of the top pass rushers in his class. Smith uses his athleticism and hands to beat his opponents, but also at the same time can hold the point of attack in the running game. If the Redskins lose Jackson in FA, Smith would be a good fit to take his position.

Will Davis CB Utah State

Davis has one of the best stories in football, and I do highly suggest reading this article on what he has done in the past 3 years.

Okay now after that what makes Will Davis a guy who can be an impact guy? Well simply put Davis has the athleticism that many CB’s wish they had, but also when you watch film, he is an extremely raw player. Now a lot of this stems from his story, but also Davis just has things that need to be worked on and coached up. If Davis can reach his full potential, then you have a possible #1 CB in the NFL, and I think many front offices would take that from a 4th round pick. Look for Davis to make an early impact on ST’s but as the season wears on become a more reliable CB.

Jordan Mills OT Louisiana Tech

Here’s one of those OT’s who if he gets put into the right spot can thrive and be a very good OT in the NFL. While not as highly regarded as other OT’s in this class, Mills showed that he could play with the big boys with his strong showing at the senior bowl. The question for me with Mills is whether he can be an OT or an OG but look for him in either spot to be very successful. What Mills does well is use his body to wall of defenders. He may not be a picture perfect technician, but Mills does a solid job with his technique. If Mills can refine his technique, then he could become a very good OT in the NFL. He may never be seen as an elite guy, but Mills could be seen as one of the better OT’s in the league.

Kevin Reddick ILB UNC

Reddick now for two years I’ve always wondered if he could be a starting caliber LB in the NFL. While I look at Reddick and see a good ILB, there also are issues as well with his game. The good thing with Reddick is that he is a pure thumper and someone who can thrive in the 3-4 D with his ability to attack the hole and get tackles. With Reddick,  I wonder if he can be a guy who can cover the TE’s, but in terms of ability to play in the running game he is one of the top guys. Reddick to me is a solid 5th round guy, but also at the same time I’d feel effective subbing him early on his rookie year with his ability to play so effectively in the running game. He will need work in coverage, but you cannot teach what he has, and that is pretty solid instincts.

Earl Watford OG JMU

I almost feel like I had to do this and I’m sure KC will get on my case about it, but Earl is one of those OG’s who will not go early, but when he gets his shot he could become a starting OG in the NFL. Earl came into JMU around 275 to 280 pounds as an OL/DL guy and now sits at 300 pounds and ran an unofficial 40 of under 5.0(which is fast for an OL). Earl is a nasty OL who loves nothing more than putting his defender on the ground and finishing every play. He has had issues with bigger players, and he is not perfect, but with his athleticism and technique he could be a starting caliber guy in the ZBS scheme. Look for Earl to come off the board in round 5-6 and have a chance to make his impact.

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