Here at HTTR 24/7 we LOVE hearing new opinions and we are always looking for good writers to share their opinions on the Washington Redskins.

We are always looking for passionate football fans, especially Redskins fans, to add to our staff of writers. If you are interested in being a part of HTTR 24/7, I would encourage you to send me an e-mail with two writing samples regarding the Redskins, or football in general. The writing samples will reflect your talent in writing as well as your ability to convey opinions and information about football to the fans.

If you are interested in expressing your opinions on the Redskins in a high profile manner, we would love to have you as a part of HTTR 24/7. But writing isn’t the only thing that is valued in our site.

If you have other talents that you can share with the HTTR 24/7 family, we are always looking for that as well. Some people have the gift of graphic design and others create sick highlight videos and still others are musically gifted or know their way around social media.

Hope to see some of your emails very soon!



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