Game Review: The Big Plays That Changed The Game (Were Actually Not All DeAngelo Hall’s Fault)

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With 4:24 left in the third quarter, the Bucs line up in the shotgun with 2 wide receivers, 2 tight ends and a running back again the Redskins in a base 3-4 set. The Redskins are playing press coverage underneath with 2 deep safeties. Vincent Jackson is the “X” receiver and Mike Williams (at the bottom of the screen) is the “Z” receiver. You can see Reed Doughty is standing on the 30 yard line. Madieu Williams is nowhere to be seen on the screen; he, for some reason, is playing way deeper.

Josh Wilson does get beat on the play, but he’s expecting safety help over the top. Only problem help is literally nowhere to be found.



See where Madieu Williams is? Williams is all the way on the 47-yard line. Even if he didn’t start that deep, he at least had to be on the 40-45 yard line to be that deep at the snap.



Then, to make matters worse, Madieu totally whiffs on the tackle.

For all the trash people talk about Reed Doughty, usually he’s where he’s supposed to be, and had done his job by helping London take away the tight end on a seam route, while DeAngelo Hall was actually running step for step with Vincent Jackson.



Here, we show our nickel defense look, called a 2-4-5; 2 down defensive lineman, 4 linebackers, and 5 defensive backs. Against this formation, Josh Freeman audibles to a run, and Blount picks up the first down.


On 3rd and Goal, we lined up in the 2-4-5 formation again, with man underneath and the two safeties. Vincent Jackson does a great job getting off D-Hall’s jam…



Josh Freeman puts the ball up high, and Madieu doesn’t get there fast enough. Touchdown Bucs. Haslett looked upset after this, but he got out formationed and out-called twice on this drive.



D-Hall had actually done a good job of playing bump and run coverage on Vincent Jackson most of the day, but after getting beat on the goal line, D-Hall is giving Vincent Jackson a big cushion.

The Bucs line up with run personnel; two wide receiver, one tight end, a fullback and a tailback. We line up in base personnel, but we’re already tipping our hand; this formation is designed to stop the run.

Our two safeties are in the box, and against a run set, that typically means a safety blitz. Madeiu Williams is playing deeper. Josh Wilson is playing bump coverage on the “Z” receiver.


The Bucs run play-action, which removes London Fletcher, Perry Riley, and Reed Doughty from the play. Josh Freeman looks to his right, and rightly realize his Z receiver is double covered. (It also wouldn’t shock me if Freeman was simply looking Williams off, as the big mismatch is Vincent Jackson one on one with DeAngelo Hall.)



D-Hall’s coverage could not be much better. The throw is what beats him, and the lack of a safety over the top dooms him.



Here we are, back in the 2-4-5 formation. Notice that Madieu is once again off the screen. Reed Doughty walks into the box then backs out, but at least you can see him. Once again, Josh Wilson is playing bump coverage on Mike Williams, but DeAngelo Hall is playing off Vincent Jackson.


Does Madieu get looked off again here? Seems like it, because despite being behind DeAngelo Hall, look where Madieu ends up on this catch.


Despite starting this play behind D-Hall, somehow Williams ends up ahead of him on this play.



Look at that. D-Hall blankets Jackson, struggles with him for the ball, but with no help, the play is complete.



Here we can see Williams is coverage…doing nothing. I can’t figure out what Madieu is doing as Vincent Jackson runs by him, particularly since the Redskins are all in man coverage. The coverage was so baffling Tim Ryan thought Madieu Williams was playing linebacker.



This would’ve made things even worse. We line up in base coverage versus three wide receivers, which would’ve left Reed Doughty one-on-one in the slot with Reed Doughty. Reed had a pretty good game…but not that good. There was nothing that could’ve been audibled to that would solve this potential problem.


So, what have we learned from these game changing drives?


1.) Madieu Williams is a liability, and every team in the NFL knows it. Madieu overreacts to the quarterbacks eyes, and plays with an almost obscene amount of depth at times. For a guy whose been in the NFL since 2004 he also plays out of position and sometimes looks completely lost out there.

I hope they coach up at Jordan Pugh, because while he probably won’t be much better, he certainly can’t be anymore.


2.) Jim Haslett overreacts to mistakes. As I said, DeAngelo Hall actually played a pretty damn good game following Vincent Jackson and played well against him in press coverage for most of the day.

There were, admittedly, some big plays left on the field in the second half, but the combination of good coverage and our front seven made Freeman nervous. We got him to shift and move his feet and we took him out of his element.

After Josh Wilson and DeAngelo Hall got beat, Jim Haslett became passive and timid. The second half featured little blitzing of any kind, and the formations he called put our team in a bad way. He tried to utilize more off coverage, which was then exploited by the Bucs to great effectiveness.

Bad formations and the lack of aggression helped the Bucs get back in the game. Robert Griffin III pulled Haslett’s butt out of the fire this time, but Haslett must find some way to fix this, and quickly, because it’s only going to get harder with Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez coming to town.





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Jeanita Morris
Jeanita Morris

Great post...SUPER nervous about next week. Maybe the Skins can be a trap game for the Falcons...maybe.


Falcons are a tough team no doubt but I like our chances. We will some Redskins & Falcons breakdowns up this week that should give redskins nation hope.


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