Game Review: The Anatomy Of Robert Griffin III’s Comeback Drive

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With 1:42 left in the fourth quarter, the Redskins line up in the shot gun with three receivers at the bottom of the screen and Pierre Garcon lined up at the X receiver position. The Bucs are lined up in a nickel formation, with four down linemen, two linebackers and five defensive backs.



After the snap, the Bucs drop into zone coverage. Fred Davis runs a seam route, which sucks the defensive back  and the SAM linebacker to cover him. That creates a void in the zone underneath for Santana Moss who runs a crossing route.



Santana finds a nice soft spot in the zone and Robert delivers a great ball. Santana Moss is between the two linebackers, who can’t stop him before he gets the first down.



The same formation (only difference is Evan Royster is lined up on the right instead of the left). The Bucs play it a little different this time, but here, they get out formationed.



The Bucs play man coverage and send the safety Ronde Barder and the SAM linebacker Mason Foster on the blitz. The rookie safety Mark Barron has Fred Davis in coverage, but he’s playing the seam route again. This time, Davis runs a little out route; Fred almost seemed shocked at how open he was on the play.



Look at the timing of this throw. Just as Fred Davis is coming out of his break, RG3 is prepared to deliver the ball. Fred catches this one for a big gain.



At this point, Robert’s headset is on the fritz. This is where he calls his own play.



Here, the Bucs play man coverage and they actually blanket our deep receivers. Robert remains poised though.



Robert goes through his progressions and gets Evan Royster coming out of the backfield for a modest gain.


The Bucs line up in the nickel again. Again they send Ronde Barder on the blitz.



Robert wants Hankerson on a deep route at the top of the picture, but Aqib Talib has him covered. Robert’s eyes, however, have moved the entire defense to his left…



Which creates a huge lane to his right.



After Kory Lichtensteiger got an unfortunate false start, the Redskins line up in the gun again…



We send Fred Davis in motion to the left. The Bucs are lined up in press man coverage this time. The SAM linebacker is on the line of scrimmage and doesn’t run with Fred we he goes in motion. That leaves Santana Moss on #33 Brandon McDonald and Fred Davis on Ronde Barber.



This is a beautifully designed play. Fred Davis and Santana Moss cross each other’s face. Ronde Barber gets ran out of the play and Fred gets one of those “not-quite-a-pick” plays on McDonald, which leaves Moss open on the slant.


After missing three kicks, Cundiff made the kick that counts, and the Redskins win 24-22.


Robert’s command of the offense is crazy good already, and this two-minute drill (not even two minutes, really), is proof of that. It sure looked bleak, but the Redskins pulled it out, and Robert keeps showing how special he is.

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Excellent review. Good tip on the last pass to Moss. Excellent design.

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