Film Sessions: Cover 0 Breakdowns VS The Bengals

| September 27, 2012 | 1 Comments

First play of the game and the Bengals come out in a wildcat formation. The defense was directed all week long that if the Bengals show Wildcat it’s a run key so check to cover 0. Players have come out and said they did not prepare at all for a wildcat pass which is mind boggling to me. Sanu was a dangerous dual threat playing at Rutgers and part of playing good defense is knowing the abilities of the offensive personnel you are facing.

Today I came across these quotes via dcsportsbog from Jay Gruden “We had a pretty good indication that they were gonna be in Cover-0 when we went wildcat with whoever we had back there other than a quarterback, whether it’s a running back or wide receiver”. Gruden also said he put the play in solely for this game “Because Coach Haslett, I was just watching their wildcat reel. And every wildcat snap they had, they played Cover-0. And I’ve been waiting for it.”

The first issue that arises is Dejon Gomes is suppose to slide out side to monitor Andy Dalton, Deangelo Hall would then slide inside to cover AJ Green. Notice Hall with his hands up trying to get Gomes to switch? Notice Gomes waving Hall off to stay outside on Dalton? This is mistake #1 on this play but I think back to the week when the team was told wildcat was 100% run. Would Gomes have waived Hall off if they had prepared for a pass?

London Fletcher audibles to cover 0 as instructed while Hall is still trying to get Gomes to slide outside.

Expecting run all eyes are focused on the backfield

Post snap and notice how everyone is still expecting run with their eyes in the backfield. Dejon Gomes is even caught with his eyes in the backfield and not on his work who is AJ Green. Deangelo Hall appears to be the only play who recognizes it is a pass play while trying to get over the top of AJ Green.

Hall couldn’t get over and the result is a touchdown on the first play of the game for the Bengals. Reality is the outcome of this play was determined on Wednesday,Thursday,and Friday by good and bad coaching. Hell of a way to open up at home..


2nd & 12 and as you can see we are showing Cover 0

Post snap the Redskins are going to drop into a 2 deep man under. Gomes and Williams will back out towards the sidelines in coverage, Deangelo Hall and Josh Wilson will drop deep while London Fletcher draws Jermaine Gresham man to man off the LOS.

Gresham immediately beats London Fletcher off the LoS. *take note of the bengals inital formation and the left WR running the speed out.

Dalton is able to step up in a clean pocket with no pressure and throw a dart to Gresham for 22 yards.


2nd and 20 and yes again we are showing cover 0.. Take note that this is the same offensive formation and play call I told you to remember in the breakdown above

This time the Redskins are rushing 7 and playing man to man on 3 WRs and a TE

Rushing 7 on 6 gives the Redskins the numbers advantage and M.Williams will be the free rusher

Post snap the TE is on a skinny post while Binns is again on a speed out

The RB slides over to take the inside rusher which frees up Williams to be the free rusher

Williams hits home on Dalton but not before he gets the pass off to Binns on the speed out

Binns catches the ball while Josh Wilson stumbles and off to the races he goes.. Touchdown Bengals

Jim Haslett dialed up the Cover 0 look three times in the first quarter with detrimental results for the Redskins. These three plays alone accounted for 143 yards of Bengals offense with 2 touchdowns. I would like to know what has too happen for the Redskins to realize that maybe cover 0 is not our strong suit?

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