Film Sessions: Brandon Banks Missed Oppurtunity VS Dallas

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“Posse” Package 3WR/1TE/1RB- WR-88,89,16 TE-82, RB-46

I have broken plays down via twitter and finally had the bright idea it was easier to do it on our own website. First play up is A Robert Griffin III sack that was a missed opportunity for another explosive play by the Redskins offense. Redskins come out in “posse” personnel on 1st & 10 with 5:15 to go in the second quarter.



Logan Paulsen is the on-line TE also known as the “Y”. In Posse sets the Y player is a big key for defenses as noted in Matt Bowens article “A inside look at Shanahan’s gameplan”. In posse sets if the Y is lined up to the defenses right it is an alert to pass. Another key is if the run action starts to the Y player then it is an alert for boot action.

You can see by the play art that both of those keys were correct for the defense and played a role in Anthony Spencer staying home to make a play.Paulsen will run a crossing route, Moss will motion to behind the guard and slide down the line to slip into the flat, Garcon will run a 9 route, and Banks will run a post.



Post snap the 7 Cowboys bite on the run action leaving nobody to guard Paulsen as he releases from the line of scrimmage.



Moss is slipping into the flat trying to avoid Spencer instead of chipping him. Normally on the boot action the player slipping into the flat chips a DE/0LB on the way out if they are on a clean read to the QB. The ILB has picked up Moss in coverage.

The safety is forced to come up and defend Paulsen after the linebackers failed to account for him in coverage.



The safety coming down to cover Paulsen left his CB on an island covering Banks 1 on 1. Banks is clearing into nothing but open field. The Other safety has now focused his attention on Paulsen coming across the middle. The Cornerback has now turned Garcon loose with no one to pick him up.

Griff was getting ready to throw but Spencer was closing in.



Robert Griffin III has to pull the ball down trying to evade Spencer. The play ends with a sack for minus 1 yard after The Redskins OL carried Robert back to the line of scrimmage. What could have been if Robert had 1 more second…

I think it is clear the Redskins plan on creating explosive plays by getting vertical off play action. The strategy should continue to pay off since Robert Griffin III is the #1 rated QB in the league of play action according to 

Next up is Robert Griffin III 68 yard TD to Aldrick Robinson…




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