Film Sessions: Alex Gibbs Teaches The Stretch Scheme

| August 15, 2012 | 2 Comments

During his off time from coaching(2009-2010) it has been well publicized that Mike Shanahan traveled to New England,Pittsburgh,Oregon, and Florida to study other philosophies. Going into year 3 of the “Shanaplan” you can see the influences of Belicheck in how the team has worked the draft and team managment to a degree. I see the influences of the Pittsburgh Steelers in our defensive scheme switch from a 4-3 to a 3-4. What we have not seen yet is what exactly was Mike looking to take away from two of the brightest minds on zone read option football in Chip Kelly and Urban Myer? I don’t think anyone thinks Mike is going to scrap his offense and transition into a Zone Spread full time but what if his master plan is to marry the two run schemes together? I remember watching Gruden’s QB camp with Ryan Tannehill and at one point Gruden was in aw as Texas A&M ran the zone read scheme along with west coast pass concepts.

We knew Mike Shanahan went to Florida but most people didn’t know Myer took his staff to Atlanta to be schooled by Alex Gibbs. Now if you don’t
know the name Alex Gibbs he was Mike Shanahans Offensive line coach from 1995-2003 with the Denver Broncos. Gibbs is widely respected around the league as the godfather and biggest proponent of the zone blocking scheme and its use in the NFL. Posted below are the classroom sessions from the UF/Gibbs coaching sessions and while they may be long (1 hour each) they are filled with great information on everything included in the stretch scheme and future advances.Im sure you would rather learn about our scheme from a master rather than myself so check it out and enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments.


Thank you and enjoy the hours of video.


this is the kind of stuff that I love....I could watch this for hours on end. Thanks a lot guys.

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