ALL-22: Breaking Down Alfred Morris VS The Dallas Cowboys

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Twitter and the message boards have buzzed about: Whats wrong with Alfred Morris? Well we have plenty of time to talk about it but let’s take an All-22 look at Alfred Morris in the run game vs the Dallas Cowboys.


- Read Option: Morris follows the lead blocks of Paulsen and Young.


- Ware chases Morris down from behind. Gain of 3 yards on the play.


- Pistol: Outside Zone (stretch)- Morris will track the outside hip of Young until he finds a lane to cut up-field. Chester is suppose to block and seal Lee off to the inside. Polumbus gets beat to the inside off the snap of the ball.


- Lee beats Chester to the outside to fill the run lane, Morris tries to bounce to the sideline.


- Lee cuts down Morris at the line of scrimmage. Morris could have picked up more yards on the play had Chester blocked his assignment. Morris gain of 0.


- Pistol: Read Option look but a designed run call to Morris.


- Morris is being blocked by the camera, but trust me he is there. I wanted to show this image because of the cut block by Morgan, he gets it done for a WR, position switch? The blocking scheme leaves the Cowboys best run defender unblocked..? Not to sure about this one.


- Morris tries to get front-side but is brought down by Lee before he gets to the hole. Gain of 3.


- Base Under Center: Outside zone (Stretch)- Morris is suppose to track the outside hip of Reed until he finds his lane to get up-field. Trent will search and seal Lee to the inside while Reed and Davis Seal the defenders to the sideline. What I like about this play is Reed and Davis are actually on the field together so lets see how they do.


- Reed and Davis get the job done sealing the outside.Morris gets up-field and picks up 9 yards.


- Pistol: Inside Zone-  OL works combo blocks on the DT’s. Reed is matched up 1 on 1 with Ware.


- Lee flashes in the hole and Reed is beat inside by Ware, Morris is dead to rights at this point. Gain of 0.


- Base Under Center Morris will take the pitch and follow Young through the hole.


- OL does a great job of giving Morris a lane to cut into. Young looks to seal Lee to the outside. Ware is in pursuit from the backside.


- Lee sheds Young and assists Ware in taking down Morris for a gain of 3.


- Base:Under Center Outside Zone (Stretch)- We won’t know what Morris could have done o this play because Kory lichtensteiger gets beat off the snap.


- Hatcher brings down Morris for a loss of 4. You never know how a play will turn out, but this looks like it had some potential.


- Shotgun: HB  Draw - OL opens a crease for Morris and he has blockers on the second level.


- Morris should be through the hole already and working the FS, but instead he stutter steps, then he cuts towards T.Polumbus.


- Morris gets tackled for a gain of 0.


- Pistol:Read Option - This play looks like Read Option but is a predetermined run call for Morris.


- Morris sees the CB flash off his right side and cuts backside.  Polumbus didn’t have enough time to reach his block on #54 B.Carter.Carter makes the play on Morris for a gain of 2.


- Base: Under Center Outside Zone (Stretch)- OL does a good job of sealing of the defense.


- Morris sees the lane early, and he cuts up-field once the DE flashes on Polumbus’s outside shoulder. The lane is small but one an NFL RB can work for positive yardage.


- Morris weaves through the lane and is in position to break a long run, just has to find another gear.


- Morris can’t hit that the next gear and is tracked down by the DE for a gain of 5. I like these plays from Morris and will never complain about gaining positive yardage, but I do think there can be more yardage gained on plays like these by a guy with a little more explosion.


- Base Under Center: Same play that they ran earlier in the game. Interior OL doubles the DT’s, single on the DE’s with Reed & Polumbus. Normally the interior OL will combo block the DT’s then 1 will peel and reach the LB’s on the second level.  Reed looses inside leverage on the snap of the football.


- Morris feels the DE pushing off his left and cuts into the backside hole created by Chester and Polumbus.


- Morris is tracked down by the DE before he can get to the hole. A better block by Reed, or a little more burst from Morris and this play could have been a lot different. Gain of 2 on this play.


- Base Under Center: Outside Zone (Stretch)-  Chester gets pushed in the backfield on the snap by the offside DT. Morris tracks off the hip of Young.


- OL does a great job seal off the lane and Montgomery has hands on the LB at the top of the hole.


- Alfred  gets to the top of the hole with a two-way go, breaks two arm tackles on his way to a 45 yard TD.


- Pistol: Read Option- Paulsen and Young come across the formation, Paulsen works a “bluff” block on the DE.


- DE has too much momentum and hits Morris in the backfield. Morris takes the contact and still picks up a 3 yard gain.

Alfred Morris finished the day with 16 carries for 81 yards and a 5.06 average. I thought he went as the Offensive line went, which can probably be said for a lot of Running Backs in the NFL. At times he displayed the patience, decision making, and power he’s known for, other times he pressed  a little, and lacked the speed to pick up yards that were available. Perfection is rare in this league, and Morris isn’t perfect but he is productive.

I felt Morris had a better day in the traditional run game rather than the zone read. Think the zone read game was forced a little too much in the first half vs the Cowboys, but that could just be me. Thanks for reading!

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