First let’s take a look back at the 3 Things I was watching out for last Thursday night.

I thought Helu looked really sharp. Yes he played better against 2nd string than 1st string. But a) he’s not our starting RB anyway and b) I was actually more interested in how he was after the game. And so far so good. He looks healthy, he’s making people miss. I think he’s-excuse me Rob and Adidas-all in for week 1.

Hankerson was solid. No complaints, but let’s see him keep that up.

I must not have been paying attention to the kickoffs. Because I don’t remember any of them.

On to Monday Night:

1. The Forgotten Draft Pick: I call Josh LeRibeus the forgotten draft pick because I think many fans, probably more so non-Redskins fans, remember the Redskins drafting RG3 with the 2nd overall pick and then immediately after taking Kirk Cousins. They forget that in between those two they selected OG Josh LeRibeus in the 3rd round. Which at the time many people thought was a bit high, but that “controversy” got swept under the rug with all the “Why did they draft Cousins” talk. Anyhow, a few weeks back I tweeted out that I didn’t think Gettis (another pick that year) wasn’t safe. Someone else, can’t recall who, replied that it was probably Ribeye who was more in danger. I dismissed that, saying they wouldn’t give up on a 3rd round pick so quickly. Well, I’d like to apologize to that person. Report after report I’ve heard (both on and off record) indicate that JL is playing very poorly and showing no improvement from last season. So I’ll be watching him. Our depth on the interior OL is a concern to me. I’d like to see someone-Gettis, LeRibeus, Matthews-step up and give me confidence.

2. The Luckiest Man Alive: Probably an exaggeration. And I know no one is ever happy with an injury to a teammate. Well probably A-Rod, but that’s a different sport for a different day. Still, you can’t tell me Dejon Gomes didn’t breathe a huge sigh of relief when Phillip Thomas was lost for the season. And I mean I can’t blame him. He had to know he very much on the bubble, and now he gets a reprieve. And he’s been working with the 1st team this week and may likely start on Monday night. Let me see what you got Gomes. Because right now I see both Reed Doughty and Jordan Pugh as better options at SS than you. Let me see you recognize those pass routes, hit those angles right. Because unless we hit the waiver wire, you’re probably making this team. But making it and earning it aren’t the same thing

3. The Greatest QB To Ever Grace A Redskins Uniform: The #5 jersey’s glorious journey must come to an end. Step aside Heath Shuler, move over Donovan McNabb, out of the way Colt Brennan. The #5 jersey belongs to Pat “I’m so badass they call me Walter” White! Ok, back to reality. I do want to see how White plays on Monday night though. I think he’s realistically got zero shot to make the final roster. And I thought his performance was way way overrated, as illustrated here. But it’s the preseason and it’s fun to dream. So this summer, we’re all Pat White fans

Bonus: Watching clips from RG3: Will to Win at halftime

What will you be watching for?

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