The Case Against DeAngelo Hall

This case is not meant to compel me. The case against MeAngelo was made for me when his teammates in his own locker room beat his ass in Atlanta. If that wasn’t telling enough, he was too cancerous for the Oakland Raiders organization. Please, let that wash over you. And, even if let’s say, a duck isn’t a duck, and he was tabula rasa upon his arrival at Redskins Park, I’d merely remind everyone of 9/28/2011. That’s not ancient history. That’s taking into account how he’s “changed”, assuredly. In case you don’t recall, that glorious September evening, let me paint the picture for you:

The Skins are on MNF against nemesis Dallas. Skins are 2-0, looking for control of NFC East. Tony Romo has cracked ribs. He throws for 0 TDs. The defense holds Dallas to 3rd and 21 late in the game. DeAngelo gives up a 30 yard 1st down to Dez, and gets flagged for a facemask, even after he was beaten. Cowboys kick a FG, Cowboys win. DeAngelo’s response was to blame Haz’s defensive playcalling, blame the ref for throwing the flag… Hell, I think he blamed global warming. This is the reflex response for MeAngelo, which is the opposite of what we need in this locker room.

But, like I said, a stroll down memory lane will not compel the Fredericksburgers. I know that. For the five seasons that he has infested the organization, his apologists have become Legion. I encounter them every day. Criticize DHall or, God forbid, mention cutting DHall and they go into a full body spasm. And their memory, or conceptualization of events, is like 3 weeks. Why is this? Why is this guy sacrosanct? Is it generational? Do these young’uns prefer a guy who’ll talk shit on a tackle, even after he’s missed the last five? Is it geographic? Will Skins fans support a guy from VPI or The 7-5-7, no matter what a turd he is? Is it his semi-celebrity status? I’m sure I’ll never understand. But, realizing that, I will try to make a compelling case to the apologists, strictly upon his performance in 2012-13. Here’s a week-by-week rundown of the season that was:

* This recitation of stats comes with the caveat that FSAAMT’s – “failed strip attempts after missed tackles” – were not included. Although valuable for this discussion, the PR Slappies at Redskins Park are only on Week 13’s tape. They hope to be done counting FSAAMT’s by the NFL Draft. Safe to say though, this is one category where D-Hall can proudly say he led the league.

Week 1

The self-titled “Ball Hawk” came out of camp, with the intent of filling the role of “Charles Woodson 2.0”. He did a decent job of filling that role in the opener in N’awlins. He was utilized as a pass rusher on 10 of 43 plays where he lined up in the slot. This resulted in a sack and three hurries of Drew Brees. The Saints were playing catch up most of the day, but the rushing DeAngelo was not an impediment to the team’s gameplan.

Week 2

Sam Bradford, 310 yards. Danny Amendola, 15 catches, 160 yards. So much of that was caused by the Rams’ abuse of our zone. But there is no doubt that DeAngelo Hall deserves a royalty for the millions he helped Amendola make that day. No doubt.

Week 3

On the first play from scrimmage, a guy who hadn’t thrown a pass since October of 2011 against the Syracuse Orangemen, hit A.J. Green for a 73-yard TD pass. Guess who was covering Green? Yes, I know. DeAngelo was quick to assert blame upon himself for giving up the play, but that doesn’t really help for me. The defense gave up 478 yards at home. The team lost by a touchdown. DeAngelo Hall’s touchdown.

Week 4

This game highlighted the poise of our rookie sensation RGIII, and the ineptitude of now departed kicker Billy Cundiff. What gets lost in those highlights is how the Buccaneers got back into this one. The home crowd was booing QB Josh Freeman in the 1st half. It was 21-6 Skins at half. That all changed when Vincent Jackson beat Hall, and Freeman hit him for a 65-yard gain, with the drive ending in a Bucs touchdown. RGIII and Cundiff saved a day that DHall desperately tried to give away.

Week 5

Through Week 5, DHall had given up 268 yards of offense to opposing teams. That was 7th worst in the NFL. This game was memorable for being the game in which RGIII was first hurt. It was reprehensible for the 123 yds given up to Tony G and the 94 surrendered to Julio Jones. 345 passing yards for Matty Ice. I can’t assign any specific blame on MeAngelo, but there was certainly nothing for the apologists to laud him for.

Week 6

This was the shining gem in the case against DeAngelo. If the Skins are dead-set on keeping Hall, they had better get him to restructure enough to also sign Percy Harvin, strictly in the off-chance that the Skins will have to play against him. Once again, whatever free agent money that Harvin receives should come with a clause assigning royalties to D-Hall. Of the nine passes Hall was targeted on while defending Harvin, he gave up six receptions for 102 yards. To add insult to injury, he also missed five tackles. The worst of those came late in the fourth quarter, when Percy turned a 4-yd catch into a 22-yd gain at the expense of DeAngelo’s failure to tackle him. Once again, this wart was covered up by the phenomenon known as RGIII, but not to me. If we have to move forward in the future sans Robert, we can’t have this wart on the roster.

Week 7

There is so much blame that can be placed upon Madieu Williams for his failure on the Victor Cruz TD, that there really isn’t anything that’s left for DHall. But, alas, he helped me out.

“He made the play to beat us, but I don’t feel like he made that play. I feel we gave him that play. We just had one guy set his feet and one guy not do this. I could have thrown that ball and he would have scored. It wasn’t something where he was a rocket scientist and he figured something out. We just played that as bad as possible.”

Those were DeAngelo’s postgame comments. Of course, he wasn’t in coverage on the play, so when he says “we”, he really means “Madieu”. I don’t disagree with the overall sentiment of the statement, but throwing your teammate under the bus hardly seems helpful. Not realizing that is so typical of MeAngelo.

Week 8

DeAngelo got ejected. DeAngelo got fined $30,000. This is a favorite of the apologists, as is every other episode involving Hall and an official, and they have become nearly countless. The retort that it was “the official’s fault” is always the same. I’m less sick of Hall blaming the refs than I am of the Fredericksburgers always falling for that line.

But, okay. Fine. I’ll surrender to the fantasy that the referee was a member of the Klan, and Roger Goodell is complicit in systemic racism. Only involving a washed up 1st-round pick from VaTech, of course, but… okay. We’ll just throw the ejection and tirade and fine out of the conversation.

Through Week 7, MeAngelo had allowed 521 yards of offense to our opponents. Yes, for those counting, that was worst among CBs. Things didn’t improve in Picksburg. The Stillers’ second play
of the game had DHall bite on a fake wide receiver screen, opening up TE Heath Miller. MeAngelo was beaten on five of seven passes for 73 yards, and 60 of those came after the catch. Just pitiful.

Week 9

Through the first half of the season, D-Hall was giving up 1.83 yards/coverage snap, and was the fourth worst CB in the NFL in surrendering YAC. This is the guy the Fredericksburgers want to move to FS.

Bye Week (Week 10)

DeAngelo tells Mike Jones that Coach Haslett conducted one-on-one interviews with several defensive players. When asked about the meetings, Hall denies knowledge and blames Jones. Jones plays back audio of the quote, and D-Hall decides that he wants to assault a Washington Post reporter. He’s reported as saying, “anybody touches me, I’m knocking them out.” So, to his credit, he has been aggressive with a referee in Pittsburgh, some PR Slappies, and a J-Schooler in Ashburn, but zero opposing receivers. Excellent.

Week 11

This was a spectacular on-field game for D-Hall. He, along with the rest of the secondary, were truly inspired by the return of Brandon Meriweather. Their play was reflective of his play. I don’t know what this says about Meriweather, but I am hopeful that he is able to return.

Week 12

Thanksgiving game at Big D. D-Hall gets an interception of a ball that only could have been thrown by Tony Romo. He also gives up merely 36 yards on 5 passes defended. But, the whole thing could have turned out differently. Hall “punched” Dez Bryant in his facemask. If any of these racist, unfair referees had been paying any attention to Bryant and Hall’s little bitch fight, Hall would’ve surely been ejected. That’s okay for a second year WR, but unacceptable for a nine-year veteran, who formerly wore the defensive team captain’s “C” on his chest. In spite of the officials giving him a pass, the league fined him $37,500 for his actions. Well done, sir.

Week 13

The story of this day was RGIII, who broke Cam Newton’s year-old rookie QB rushing record. The defense held Eli & Co. to 6 points in the 2nd half, and the Skins won. There’s really nothing bad to be said about any of their performances, including Hall.

Week 14

DeAngelo, although not listed on the injury report, showed up midweek for a radio interview on crutches. He decided to play on Sunday against dem Raybins. I wish that he wouldn’t have. He, once again, played starmaker, this time for Anquan Boldin. Boldin caught two touchdowns against Hall. Banner day. To top that off, Hall had a terribly timed missed tackle in run defense, coupled with an unnecessary roughing penalty. It was one of his single-worst games on record. Another wart covered up by Ray Rice’s fumble, and RGIII/Kirk Cousins.

Week 15

Through week 15, D-Hall ranks 96th in the league giving up a reception every 8.3 times in coverage. 96th!!! That’s our guy. He also allowed the ninth-most Yards Per Snap in Coverage, at 1.73. I don’t think that I need to add anything to that.

Brandon Weeden made the entire Redskin secondary look all-pro.

Week 16

Even with Weeden’s help, through week 16, DeAngelo had allowed the second most yards per coverage snap, at 1.7. Against the Iggles, Hall allows yet another receiver to have a banner day: Jeremy Maclin going for 58 yds matched up against him.

Week 17

Here’s the week the Fredericksburgers love to cite. D-Hall shut down Dez. I’ve heard it more than Gangnam Style. Guess what: back spasms shut down Dez. But, it’s cool… D-Hall is an NFC East Champion, and so are the Redskins!!! Hail!!!

Wild Card Week

Well, the Seahawks utilized the run to upend the NFC East Champs. In doing so, many Redskins were horrendous at missing tackles and stopping the rush. Few were worse than DeAngelo.


As it stands today, the Redskins are approximately $4 million over the salary cap. As Rich Tandler reported back in November, “[D-Hall] gets a salary bump from $6 million this year to $7.5 million in 2013. [T[he Redskins can release him with two years left on his deal and not have to absorb any dead cap hit.”[i] Just off the top, that takes the Redskins from $4 million in the red to $3.5 million in the black. We’re not accountants, but that seems to be a no-brainer. Now, the inevitable question that follows what seems like a financially rational move is always – (breathlessly) “But, but, who will we replace him with?!” First, let’s just put out there that is maddening that the suggestion of cutting D-Hall must immediately be validated, to those who disagree, by naming his replacement. Our question is – does it really matter?

That segment of fans has already made up their mind. No player that is named will quell the displeasure associated with the thought of a Redskins’ universe that does not include DeAngelo Hall. So, what will naming one do to alter their feelings? Nothing. What we want the Fredericksburgers to answer is, who wouldn’t be better, especially given the cap considerations? As a fan base, we give MWM and the regime so much credit for drafting a guy like The Butler in the sixth-round, yet there’s no faith in the same brain trust to replace D-Hall with a younger, more cap-friendly option? We’re not talking about replacing Darrell Green here.

Then there’s the (breathless) “But, he’s going to re-structure!” crowd. Again, so what? What has he done on the field that still justifies pledging millions of dollars against the salary cap to bring him back? As evidenced by opposing teams’ propensity to consistently throw the ball to his side, DeAngelo Hall is not an elite, nor near-elite corner anymore. He is simply average. Yet, the plan D-Hall advocates support is to pay him millions of dollars, even with a re-structure, to be an average corner. Even foregoing the on-field reasons laid out above, that decision makes zero economic sense.


So, dismissing the $67,500 in fines, the ejection, and the safety of Mike Jones, let’s just look at what DeAngelo Hall did on the field. He missed 10 tackles. He was penalized eight times, most of them causing damage to the team. He allowed two out of every three passes thrown at the player he was defending to be caught. And he gave up 1,050 yards of offense to our opposition.

There’s no reason that we can’t find someone who can produce better than that at CB and/or FS and save the $7,500,000 owed to DHall.

And think of how much safer all of the PR Slappies will be.


Adam, Hall was in bad position BECAUSE Romo had all that time. If you watch a replay of that play, Hall’s in good coverage for the first 2-3 seconds, in which time the rush should have gotten to Romo. When Dez started ad-libbing, that’s when the coverage broke down and Hall got out of position. Again, expecting ANY corner, let alone Hall, to be in perfect position for the whole play is just unrealistic. You also didn’t bring up any of my other points, regarding this season. You know, like how Hall shut down Bryant in the second Dallas game (BEFORE Bryant’s back started acting up), or that putting the blame on Hall for the Bucs game is asinine when our kicker missed 3 FGs that would have put the game away. But to say that Hall gave that game away, because he allowed a long pass that led to a touchdown? Come on, use some common sense. Or what about saying that Maclin getting 58 yards and no TDs in a loss is a “Banner Day” is ridiculous. As for the AJ Green play: if you go to switch, and the other person doesn’t want to, you can’t just abandon your responsibility and do what you want. And yes, he could have called timeout, but so could have Fletcher, Haslett, or Shanahan, but no one did. We got caught in a bad matchup on the first play of the game. Those things happen. Trying to say that’s on Hall is ridiculous as well.

What an absolutely embarrassing article. Does this writer know the difference between zone and man coverage? Apparently not. If you know nothing about football, you shouldn’t be able to write articles about it. Nobody supporting Hall is calling him a “shutdown corner”, but he had a average year despite a pass rush that was non existent and safeties who wouldn’t even be backups for other teams. How is this so difficult to comprehend? Hall will restructure his contract just like everyone else stated and be a viable corner with his new salary.

All I said was you compared him to Haynesworth, and you did… If I say Lebron James is nearly as good as MJ, I’m comparing Lebron James to MJ, they don’t have to be equal. You compared Hall, to one of the biggest locker room cancers the Redskins have had. Thus I feel your argument continued to grow weaker. Like the author you seem to have it out for Hall, there’s no point in having a reasonable discussion about him with you. If Josh Wilson is as good as Hall, why do the Redskins match Hall up on the #1 WRs more often than not? Just a coincidence in your eyes? Wilson is a descent #2 CB, but he gets burned just like Hall, and there isn’t as high an upside via turnovers with Josh. I personally like them both, and would like to see what the D can do with a pass rush, and NFL level safety play.

in his defenae… Pass rush was down and saftys were average… With rac back and fresh upgrades at safty he should be better. Not saying hes gonna be elite but… He did good in 2011 with a good pass rush. HAIL!

He’s not coming back without taking a pay cut, everyone knows that, most likely it will be cut in half from every report I’ve read. But yes, our #1 cb will still be our highest paid DB. Comparing him to Haynesworth? Your argument grows weaker reply by reply. I suggest you stop now, while you’re not too far behind.

Furthermore the Browns, and Joe Haden, gave up more yards than Hall..

So it’s Hall or Haslett’s fault that Gomes waived hall off? Haslett because he didn’t prepare his team? 10 other guys on the field knew how to play that play, 1 guy who was later benched didn’t… This falls on Haslett? Why not Raheem? Who’s in charge of the secondary? Or does Raheem still only get credit on this website? Hall because in a matter of miliseconds he didn’t use his “leadership” to either a.) break away from his assignment or b.)stop time and allow enough time for him to explain to gomes why Hall should have the #1 WR… I mean is this serious? How about the fault falls on the guy who didn’t follow his assignment. Would that be too logical? As far as the rest of that game is concerned. AJ green has 110 yards on Hall, when you take away the play that Hall didn’t cover him. AJ Green averaged 84 yards a game. Hall gave up 26 more yards than the league average, and 0 TDs, despite having 0 pass rush. That’s getting torched in your opinion? That’s one of the best WRs doing what they do, IMO.

i like the fact when he had a good week,you barely wrote a paragraph about it or downplayed it with something else.yet you wrote a novel when he didnt have the best game. and look at the wr’s you named on that list,those guys did that against most corners that covered them!

The guy is a bum, hands down. NOBODY in the NFL talks as much shit as D Hall when doing absolutely nothing to back it up. If we were paying him 2 million dollars a year, financially it would make sense, but he would still be a selfish, me first guy who throws teammates and others under the bus without a moments hesitation (translation: Bad for the locker room) This guy has done NOTHING outside of one great game in Chicago, a game that Jay Cutler practically gift wrapped for him. I really don’t understand the logic for keeping this fool, just look at his stats and where he ranks in the NFL. Teams throw at him with zero fear. He keeps his eyes in the backfield far too often, cheats and tries to jump routes to make big plays, CONSTANTLY gets beaten by double moves, and simply cannot tackle, no matter the circumstance (Jake Delhomme running through DeAngelos tackle attempt for a game sealing first down in Carolina a few years back jumps into my mind, as well as the instances of him getting dragged down the field, failing to break down, or just plain giving up) In conclusion, DeAngelo is a BELOW AVERAGE CORNER getting paid top dollar. Its a no brainer, release him and dont even think about bringing him back considering we can get someone who will, at the worst be just as below average as he was, for far less money. Good riddance DeAngelo, smell ya when the wind blows.

Kevin Grant
Adam- I understand that pov but don’t think Hall free lancing helps anything. Technically Gomes was suppose to be on Green with Hall on the boundary vs Dalton. Hall noticed the mismatch and made the call to switch with Gomes and was waved off. You have those types of issues when coaches don’t prepare you for the wildcat during a week of practice.

To start off: the 3rd and 21 was on the pass rush. They couldn’t get to Romo. No DB in the NFL can cover a receiver of Dez Bryant’s caliber for the almost 10 seconds that Romo had to throw the ball. There’s no way that’s on Hall. Most of the stuff you’re using to bash Hall isn’t anything that wouldn’t happen to just about any other CB going up against those receivers. AJ Green, Vincent Jackson, Dez Bryant, Anquan Boldin, Victor Cruz, etc are all top-tier receivers. Just because Hall doesn’t shut them down completely doesn’t mean he’s bad. How does Hall get the blame in the Bucs game? How can you say Hall tried to give it away when Cundiff went 1 for 4? You’re also getting mad at Hall for what *could* have happened in Week 12? If that’s the case, why don’t you just say Hall *could* have allowed 3 TD passes every week and we would have lost those games? Anquan Boldin was already a star. In case you missed it, he did the same thing to the Patriots and 49ers in the playoffs. When is 58 yards and no TDs a “Banner Day” for Maclin? You’re really reaching.

Kevin. The reason the fan base puts the blame on DHall is because he’s the veteran and leader of our secondary. He should have pushed Gomes over to Dalton on that play, not allow Gomes to just take Green 1 on 1. This speaks to Halls lack of leadership. At worst Hall could have double teamed Green with Gomes and allowed Dalton to catch a pass which probably would have only resulted in a first down, if that. The reason part of the fan base blames Hall on that play is because he didnt step up and be the leader of the secondary. He didnt act like the vet and make Gomes move and he didn’t give good enough effort (along with Gomes) who’s at fault also (but young) in stoping Green from scoring.

Kevin Grant
Mac- I already covered the TD play to AJ Green a few months ago - . However, there is a segment of the fan base who still puts the blame on Deangelo Hall.

Mac- I noticed that also, but after that play in which Hall did not make Gomes switch onto Green, Hall stayed on Dalton, Hall had Green most of the rest of the day and failed miserably. There is no reason this franchise can’t find a younger cb just coming into free agency off their rookie contract for cheaper than 8.3 million this year and that player will be “more consistent” than DHall. Hal’s problem is consistency and relying on help too much when he gambles and is burnt. we can’t deal with it anymore if we want to be a Super Bowl caliber team in the near future.

I can’t agree more! Excellent post on why this franchise needs to dump Hall and find someone younger to take his place that actually cares about defending the wr assigned to him and then cares about tackling the guy should he catch a pass. Hall has his good moments and he has talent, but he’s nearly as bad as Albert Haynesworth in his effort on the field. It’s really sad and I KNOW we can do better as a franchise.

Stopped reading when you said hall was covering aj green. Play called for hall to cover him, but a safety who was letter benched, waived him off after the motion. Httr, hits another one out of the park..

The reason I have it out for Hall is that he doesn’t live up to his elite physical god given abilities ala other FA busts this team has signed. Sometimes Wilson does cover the opposing teams #1 wr. The first game in Dallas I saw Wilson on Bryant a lot. When we played Baltimore Wilson shut down Torrey Smith except for a few passes. Flacco picked on the Hall on Boldin match up all game long.

He’s not nearly as bad as Haynesworth. I didn’t say he was exactly like Haynesworth, you are totally taking my post out of context. I said he’s “nearly” as big as a cancer to the secondary as Haynesworth was to the DL in 2010. Teams feast on Hall and they have for his entire career because he plays lax coverage and gambles too much. Sometimes when he gambles be wins, but more often than not he’s burned and he leaves his safeties out to dry covering a wr all by themselves with Hall yards behind the wr. Hall has good games (like a few a year) where fans like those who want him back are like yeah but he was amazing this week. It’s true, Hall is an elite talent, but he’s not an elite effort guy, technique guy or leader ala Albert Haynesworth. He’s not as bad as Albert was and isn’t quite as much of a malcontent but Hall has his moments also, some of them are well documented in this post. He’s really not worth brining back in my eyes because he’s always lived off his name and the fact that he gambles so much that he will have a handful of ints a year. The problem is that he gets those ints the wrong way. He doesn’t get them like a Revis or Bailey. He doesn’t get them off having coverage like glue where there is no way the pass could be completed. Like I said hall gets his ints by making bad reads and gambling too much and it leaves the safeties out to dry covering a wr by theirself. Now that’s fine if you have Ed Reed or Sean Taylor but we haven’t had a safety that could cover a wr on his own in 6 years now. Josh Wilson isn’t as physically gifted as hall but he plays better. Josh Wilson plays sound technique, he makes pass break ups because he’s close to the wr in coverage. He very rarely has lax coverage and he very rarely is the cb that qbs pick on time and time again. Like the article said, you can’t hide behind the yards given up and especially that every 2 out of 3 times a pass is thrown in halls direction it’s completed. This secondary would be so much better if we just cut Hall and signed a cb who’s better fundamentally but maybe not as talented. Ala a Josh Wilson type. Give me Sean Smith, Chris Houston, Keenan Lewis, Antoine Cason, Leodis Mckelvin, Carry Williams over Dhall. If Hall is back sign Kyle Arrington,Brent Grimes, Tracy Porter, Marcus Trufant, Derek Cox, Greg Toler, Mike Jenkins, DJ Moore, Michael Adams as a #3 and we better draft a cb in round 3 or 4 after drafting a safety also! Hall may be worth what Wilson makes, but not a penny more and our secondary wont improve until he’s totally out of town.

That’s fine Marc, bring Hall back as our highest paid DB again and I guarentee you the secondary will not improve because he’s nearly as much of a cancer on hhst secondary as Haynesworth was to the DL in 2010.

Brian there is t much to write about in good weeks other than Hall played well. What are you going to write about exactly? Give an example. The truth is the bad with Hall outweighs the good by a huge amount! It speaks to the huge amounts of inconsistenty which hall plays with and that he’s not worth 8.3 million

Kevin, I totally understand what happened on that play with Sanu’s bomb to Green, but Ill never accept the fact that our leader of the secondary allowed Gomes to waive him off and take Green 1 on 1. Again, he’s the leader the most veteran of our DBs in our system on the roster. Wether he was waived off or not, is irrelevant. He should have gone to Gomes and pushed him over to Dalton. He could have backed up on Dalton and played over the top on Green, leaving Dalton open to catch a 5-10 yd pass. He could have Freakin Called Time Out!! He did none of those things, he failed in a chance to show he’s a bright player who knows situations right there. Now to get to Jon’s point about Hall’s not at fault vs Dez Bryant. I’ll say this- Hall Deserves Most of the blame! It was a zero blitz, everyone knows that and Romo did a great job escaping the blitz and everyone knows it would be hard for Hall to cover Bryant who’s bigger and stronger 1 on 1. The problem I have is that Hall didnt have good position on the play, Hall then grabbed his face mask making it a 15 yard penalty. Then, as the article said Hall blamed everyone else but himself for not being able to cover Bryant! That shows a lack of leadership. Blaming others, including your coach for when you failed to get the job done. Hall has a history of doing this over his 10 year career with the Falcons, Raiders and now Redskins. This is the biggest problem with Hall. He blames others, doesn’t accept responsibility right away when he messes up and doesn’t have much accountability. I also say that he doesn’t always give his greatest effort. Hall has Champ Bailey type talent. Hall will never be that though because of the lack of leadership, questionable work eithic, effort issues and lack of focus on the field. That’s sad and that’s not worth 8.3 million dollars of Dan Snyder’s $$$ next year.

John Hall gave up 1045 yds to opposing wrs. 2nd worse in the NFL! That speaks for itself. Adios Hall

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