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The Redskins #1 offseason priority is upgrading their personnel at the safety position. I have already broke down Corey Lynch and Kenny Phillips, now it’s time to take a look at Pittsburgh Steelers Safety Ryan Mundy.

Ever since Dan Graziano mentioned Mundy as a possible solution to at safety I have received a lot of requests for his film review. The film shows that Ryan Mundy is not a fit for the Redskins if they plan to upgrade their safety play. Mundy struggles vs the run, tackling in the open field, and in man coverage.

Let’s check out the film…

Ryan Mundy is the cover 1 deep safety vs a standard zone run from the Oakland Raiders RB Darren Mcfadden. The Linebackers will penetrate the line of scrimmage to stop the run leaving Mundy as the clean up man in the middle and last line of defense.

The RB breaks through the line untouched. Mundy takes a bad angle down to the line of scrimmage and gets flat-footed. He stopped all his momentum and will try to stop a running Mcfadden. You can’t give a RB like McFadden this much grass to make a move on you in the open field.

Mcfadden makes a cut at full speed that leaves Mundy grasping at air.

Here is another angle so you get the full effect of the play.

The mistake by Mundy allowed Mcfadden to go 63 yards for the Touchdown on his first carry of the game.

Here we have Ryan Mundy in man coverage vs Darius Heyward- Bey. Oakland will have the outside Wide Receiver running a in – really a pick route- while Heyward -Bey runs a wheel route to the corner of the endzone. Mundy is forced to go over the top to avoid the pick.

Mundy gets in a decent position to make a play on the ball. I would like to see him turn his head to find the ball, but the Wide Receivers hands are up so Mundy knows the ball is coming.

Perfect route, perfect pass, and Mundy just a step slow to the corner. Overall not a bad play by Mundy but it’s never good to allow touchdowns, and so far Oakland 14 Mundy 0.

Oakland will run the ball inside the Steelers 5 yard line. Ryan Mundy and the LB will fill the hole and try to tackle Darren McFadden.

Mundy goes high on Mcfadden.

Mcfadden spins of and stiff arms Mundy to the ground. The ruling on the field was a touchdown but it was overturned on a booth review. Touchdown or not, Mundy is unreliable in run support.

Oakland will motion the FB into the slot and run a bubble screen. Mundy has man responsibility on the FB. This should be an easy play.

Mundy attacks the line of scrimmage and gets flat-footed, stopping his momentum to the ball carrier. I understand breaking down and getting square to the ball carrier, but Mundy needs to do that on the move. You will not consistently tackle NFL ball carriers waiting for them to come to you.Reese Sheds Ryan Mundy for the first down

The FB stiff arms Mundy to the ground and gets the outside edge. You don’t want to see your safety juked by a FB.

Mundy is in man coverage vs Brent Celek. In this shot he is already off-balance and has lost his leverage.

Celek makes the out cut and is wide open for the touchdown.

The Tight End catches the ball while falling to the ground. Mundy jogs lightly to touch the player down.

The lack of awareness and urgency by Mundy gives the TE enough time to get to his feet and make a play.

The TE evades Mundy and gets a first down for the Denver Broncos.

Denver will run a pick route to try to get the TE open in the flat vs Mundy.

It looks like teams like to get Mundy in man coverage, and I can see why. Mundy is easily picked off the route and the TE is open for the TD.

Ryan Mundy reminds me too much of Madieu Williams with bad angles, missed tackles, and all around bad play. The plan is to upgrade the position, not carry over things as they are into 2013. Just say no to Ryan Mundy to the Redskins.

Feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion for future film reviews below.

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