#28 CB , 6’0″ , 192 lbs

Birth Date: January 2, 1985 (Age: 28)

Birth Place: Washington, DC

Experience: 3 years

College: St. Paul’s (Va)

Greg Toler is one of the more underrated cornerbacks available in this years free agency class.Even though Toler was a key piece for the Arizona Cardinals top 5 passing defense, there hasn’t been a lot of buzz surrounding him. He is a physical player, solid in coverage, and has played well when on the field.

The Washington Redskins need to upgrade their secondary and sources say Toler is on the teams radar. With the current cap situation Washington is not in position to sign one of the top corners available on the market, and that is not a bad thing. Toler would give an instant bang for your buck that would be a vital piece to the championship puzzle.

Let’s look at a few plays that stood out to me.

Greg Toler is in off man coverage on Roddy White. The design of the route is to drive Toler to White’s outside shoulder, creating space for the curl to the inside.

Toler is patient and stays on top of the route, allowing him to make a play if White breaks inside or out.

Here is where a Cornerback makes his money. Toler shades White to the inside, forcing a perfect pass from Matt Ryan to get the reception.

Ryan tries to give White an opportunity to make a play, throwing the ball high and behind. Toler attacked the play knocking the ball down for an incomplete pass.

Toler is showing man press vs Julio Jones. The Falcons have a screen called to Jones. The Fullback motions into the slot, his responsibility is to create space for Jones by picking of Toler.

Toler quickly identifies the play and gets into position to slip the block of 44.

Toler beats the block, tackles Jones, and prevents a big play.

Toler is the backside cornerback on this run by Miami Dolphins Running Back Reggie Bush. Most Cornerbacks don’t give it 100% on running plays going opposite field like Toler does on this play, and his effort is rewarded. Penetration from the Arizona defense will force Bush to bounce the run back to the outside.

Toler easily beats the block and is one on one with Bush in the backfield.

Toler brings down Bush for a 4 yard loss. You like physicality from your cornerbacks in the run game, and Toler doesn’t disappoint.

Toler is a natural man cover Corner. His route recognition, fluid hips, quick feet, are all on display on this play vs Miami. He is playing man off coverage vs the WR.

The WR is running a 12 yard comeback. Toler is beating the WR to the spot while keeping eyes on the Quarterback.

The WR hits his 12 yard mark and drives back to the quarterback. Toler runs the route better than the WR and finds himself in position to make a big play for his defense.

Toler creates a turnover for his defense by picking of the pass.

I like Toler’s game in man coverage, but lets see one of his mistakes playing in cover 3. Toler will be responsible for the vertical route through his zone.

Here we have the WR running a go route vs Toler.

Toler is reading the QB and anticipating the WR breaking off his route. The WR gives Toler the stutter step then takes off full speed for the goaline. 22 is supposed to give safety help but he drives on the inside route by the Rams WR.

Toler is already a step behind and the WR won’t be caught.

The QB connects with the WR for the Touchdown. Toler tweaks his hamstring on this play and would miss the next couple of games.

Toler is a good zone corner but I feel he is more natural in man coverage. Check out this beautiful press technique from Toler vs Miami.He is square to the Wr, balanced, good hand placement, and not overextending his arms.

For comparisons sake here is Deangelo Hall showing you how not to press a WR. Remember Hall is not a man press corner but you can see the difference in technique.

And last but not least- Check out the awareness by Toler diving out-of-bounds to save the football for his defense.

Toler doesn’t have the biggest name, the best attributes, or huge numbers but he would be a perfect fit for the Washington Redskins.

Leave your comments below and feel free to let me know what players you would like reviewed.

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