62 Targets
41 Receptions
6 Drops
8 Touchdown
573 Yards

Watching Santana Moss play in 2012, I had two recurring thoughts, over and over again.

1.) I wish they’d get Santana Moss the ball more, since he seems hungrier and more energetic then he’s been in years.


2.) Can you imagine how great Santana Moss could’ve been if Robert Griffin III had been his quarterback for his entire career.

Moss didn’t see as much time on the offense as he previously had, but he did serve a roll as a clutch-go-to receiver for Robert Griffin III, while putting up the third-highest touchdown total of his NFL career. Moss saw action exclusively as a slot receiver, not lining up outside even once during the season, even with injuries the other receivers. Still, he was productive in that roll and still could get his fair share of yards after the catch.

He also had some issues with fumbles, though he only lost two during the season. One thing I noticed about this video is that Moss can still get open deep, and his route running is as good as other. As the passing game expands, it’ll be intriguing to see if Moss’ touches are similarly limited or if he’ll become more of a Wes Welker-style slot receiver.

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