Film Sessions: Redskins Play Action Skinny Post

Bill Walsh-”The Play-Pass is the one fundamentally sound football play that does everything possible to contradict the basic principles of defense. I truly believe it is the single best tool available to take advantage of a disciplined defense. By using the play-pass as an integral pant of your offense you are trying to take advantage of a defensive team that is very anxious very intense and very fired-up to play football. The play-pass is one of the best ways to cool all of that emotion and intensity down because the object of the play-pass is to get the defensive team to commit to a fake run and then throw behind them. Once you get the defensive team distracted and disoriented, they begin to think about options and, therefore, are susceptible to the running game.

In highly competitive football, it is very unlikely that you will be able to run the ball so effectively that you will not need to do anything else to move the football. There is no question that having the play-pass, as a part of your offensive arsenal, can allow you to get a key first down or big chunks of yardage.”

I highly recommend reading the rest of ” Bill Walsh on the Play Pass” ..

lets look at how Kyle Shanahan is using Play pass to open up the skinny post.

Pistol Trips – 3 WR/ 1 TE / 1 RB

Lets go back to New Orléans. Redskins will run a PA pass concept VS the Saints man press cover 1 defense. The goal of this concept is to invite the LBS & Safeties to bite on the run action then hit the open windows for chunk yardage. If the LB & SS attack the run they will put the single safety in a position to fail. Lets see how the play develops.

Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris are at the mesh point carrying out the play action fake. At this point Robert and the offense are doing a good job of selling the run action to the defense. The LB & SS react to Fred Davis pulling across the formation in the backfield . While Robert sells the play action to Morris he is able to watch the RDE and Josh Morgans release from the line of scrimmage.

The LB & SS take the bait on the run action and come to the line of scrimmage.

Josh Morgan has gained inside position on the CB.

Santana Moss beat press coverage and is into his go route.The deep safety has to stay in the middle of the field ,in position to play the routes of Morgan & Moss. If the FS comes down to attack Morgan than Moss is turned loose with no over the top help. Robert Identifies the Safety is staying high and will target Morgan.

Morgan makes himself available for an easy first down completion from Robert Griffin III.

Pistol – 2 WR / 2 RB / 1 TE

Lets go back to week 7 vs The New York Giants. Redskins will run a PA pass concept VS the Giants man press cover 1 defense. The goal of this concept is the same as the earlier play. Redskins hope to invite the LBS and SS into the line of scrimmage to open windows in the passing game.

Redskins are running an inverted veer PA game to fool the Giants..

Robert Griffin III at the mesh point of the play action is watching Josh Morgans release from the line of scrimmage. Josh beats press coverage and gains inside position of the line of scrimmage. The Lbs have frozen while trying to diagnose the play.

The CB almost has Morgan blanketed but almost is not good enough on this throw from Robert Griffin III. Anything less than a perfect pass is incomplete or intercepted and Robert threads the needle.

Morgan makes the catch in space and ends up scoring on this play. The play was called back due to an illegal motion call on Fred Davis.Why was the safety so late in coming down to help the corner?

Hankersons go route keeps the safety home just like in the first play.. The safety has to decide on who to take and the #1 rule is ” as deep as the deepest”.

Pistol Trips – 3 WR/1 TE/ 1 RB

Redskins will run an Inverted Veer play action out of 3 wide vs Man press cover 1.. Sound familiar?

The deep safety will shade over top of Pierre Garcon.

Nothing sells run action to a defense more than pulling lineman. The Offensive Line will slide block right while Chris Chester pulls around to pick up the spot vacated by Trent Williams. Let that sink in for a minute.. Yes, if you have not noticed the Redskins are pulling Lineman.

The run fake and the pulling lineman bring all the LBs and SS into the line of scrimmage. The beauty of this play is Robert could have handed it off and Alfred Morris would have been 1 on 1 with a SS. How often have we seen him tackled on first contact ? This play like many others in the Redskins offense could have been successful many ways.

Pierre Garcon beats press coverage and is running free in the Dallas secondary. I have no idea what the safety is doing on this play. If he was playing the middle of the field I could understand him staying deep. Playing the far right hash over top of Garcon you would think he would come down and react.

Garcon makes the play and takes it to the 4 yard line of Dallas.

Critics will say ” Robert Griffin III passes to much of play action” and ” I want to see him in a 3-5-7 step game” .. My question is why ? I thought the goal for an offense was to run it until defenses stop you & nobody has stopped the Redskins PA skinny post.

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