73 Targets
44 Receptions
633 Yards
4 Touchdowns
5 Drops

Pierre Garçon was the key acquisition of the Redskins 2012 free agency class, signing him just minutes after free agency opened. The immediate reaction was that the Redskins have overpaid, and after a foot injury and a shaky start, it seemed almost true. But Garçon came on after a 4 catch, 86 yards and 1 touchdown performance versus the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, following that up with an 8 catch, 106 yards and 1 touchdown performance versus the Giants the next week.

The Redskins utilized Garçon’s YAC ability in the  screen game, but in my opinion where he really shined brightly was down field in his route running. Garcon’s not a typical “deep threat” receiver, but going forward, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him get more opportunities down field just based on his ability to turn DBs around with routes. In an odd way, it’s a blessing in disguise that RG3 and Garçon are both injured, since it affords them even more time to get to know one another and get that sense of timing down.


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