Leonard Hankerson

57 Targets
38 Receptions
6 Drops
543 Yards
3 Touchdowns

Discussions about Leonard Hankerson are always interesting. Hankerson was drafted in 2011 and was hyped up to be a potential starting receiver from day one. Instead, he spent half of his rookie season inactive, and after a break out game versus Miami, he was injured and on the shelf again.

The disappointment in Hankerson not turning into our number one receiver, the addition of Josh Morgan and Pierre Garçon, not to mention the spectre of a couple receivers Vinny Cerrato drafted that turned out to be bust, has colored opinion of him a touch.

Year three for wide receivers is usually looked at as the year when receivers really begin to break out. It helps that Hankerson appeared to add some lean muscle at training camp, and reports out of training camp suggest he’s looking more natural catching the football.

All told Hankerson had a productive-if-unspectacular sophomore season. The camp competition between he and Josh Morgan will be interesting to look watch as the Redskins continue to search for a complimentary wide receiver for opposite Pierre Garçon.

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