ALL-22: Brian Orakpo’s Impact VS The Dallas Cowboys

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Are you a stat fan or a football fan? I ask that question because a “stat” guy would look at Brian Orakpo’s goose-egg in the stats VS the Cowboys and think he sucked, was injured early, or didn’t  even play. A true football fan knows that a player can effect the game in many ways. They also know that sacks are a great stat but there are a lot of impact plays to be made that are not officially tracked by the NFL for a stat sheet.

Let’s take a closer look at Brain Orakpo’s game VS the Dallas Cowboys.



- You can tell a lot about a pass rusher by how offenses plan to keep them off their Quarterback.   The Cowboys often sent a Tight End or Running Back to help their Left Tackle VS Orakpo as shown.



- Teams will try to block Brian Orakpo with a Tight End on occasion, and when they do it normally doesn’t work out well. Orakpo beats Witten hard inside off the snap of the ball, and he is in position to get after Romo. So what happened?



- Witten is a UFC fan apparently, because this is an impressive rear choke-hold. Holding happens a lot in the NFL but this is ridiculous.



- Brian Orakpo beats T.Smith off the snap off the football and bulls over the Left Tackle. But Smith didn’t go down without a fight he grabbed a hold of Orakpo’s jersey and pulls him down as well.



- Smith brought Orakpo all the way to the ground and he still almost made a play on Romo, but this play, like many others ,should have been a penalty.



- Another play where Brian Orakpo beats his man off the line of scrimmage and then proceeds to be mugged on the way to the Quarterback.



-Brian Orakpo comes hard off the edge to get in Romo’s face. Tough to get there on a 3 step quick pass but he causes Romo to rush and tips the pass.



- The pass is inaccurate and falls incomplete.



- 3rd and 10 stunt pressure from Orakpo.



- Romo felt Orakpo off his right side and slid up in the pocket to get the throw off . Orakpo just misses a sack on the Quarterback, but he hurried the process of the throw which is a goal as well.



-Romo throws another  inaccurate throw after feeling pressure from Orakpo.



- Good pass rushers get a lot of attention, and that allows other players to make plays. Orakpo crashes on the Defensive End, The Guard keeps his eyes on the rush as P.Riley gets a free run at T.Romo.



- Brian Orakp0 pushes the double team hard up-field to the Quarterback. Romo feels the pressure and climbs the pocket to avoid Orakpo.



- Orakpo’s pass rush pushed Romo into the arms of an unblocked Perry Riley.



- Here is Orakpo doing what a lot of people say he can’t do: Set the edge in the run game. Wilson makes the tackle for no gain, but it’s Orakpo that made it possible.



- Another run play with the same result. Orakpo sets the edge and funnels the Running Back to his inside help, Chris Baker shoots the gap to stop the run for no gain.


My impression is that Brian Orakpo played a solid all around game Sunday evening. He did not register a sack, tackle, or even an assist , but he did make plays that helped the defense have success VS Dallas.

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Thoughts on bringing Orakpo back?  Top Priority?  What if he switched to 4-3 DE?  Perhaps even better with hand in the ground and always going after the QB?

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