Unveiling The Hogs Haven/HTTR24-7.Com Redskins Draft Board

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Last year, the guys over at Hogs Haven made up their own Redskins draft board, ranking almost every player not just based on their talent and ability, but also on their fit in the Redskins scheme. This year, those guys let me, Kevin and Justin in on the fold to collaborate on this draft board together with Mark (a.k.a UKRedskin) and Steve.


The ranking system is the same as last year. We split each round into three sections: A, B and C. A represents a player graded to go in the top third of the round, B represents a player graded to go in the middle third of the round and C represents a player graded to go in the last third of the round. This year we have 245 players, as opposed to the 229 players we had on the board last year. Just as last year, I’m going to keep the board updated as the picks come in. If a square is yellow, the player has been drafted. If the square is red, he’s been drafted by the Redskins.


Click RIGHT HERE to view the draft board for yourselves. RIGHT. HERE.


The takeaway we all had from this experience is that, while the top have of the draft is lacking elite players, there should be a whole lot of depth to be had in the later rounds. That actually works out well in the Redskins favor; they may not have a first round draft pick, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be missing out on players that can’t help us in the future.



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How can you list Eric Reid as a 4th rounder.  He is Mayock's 28th best prospect; higher than Cyprien and Trufant.  I'd be very happy if the Skins got him at 51.


I agree. Reid has always been a 1st, at worst early 2nd round pick. If love to get him or Phillip Thomas at #51, either could start week 1 at FS.


@Avbanig I think Thomas is the 6th best safety behind Vaccaro, Elam, Reid, Cyprien, and Swearinger.  I'd also rather have 7 CBs (Milliner, Hayden, Rhodes, Trufant, Banks, Taylor, and Slay).  But I like Thomas, and all of the other guys will probably be gone by 51.


Why do you guys have Phillip Thomas as a 4C?

He had a meeting with the redskins recently and he said it went well. He said he ran the same scheme we do in college.

My thoughts on him are we could take him in round 2. I don't see him getting out of the 3rd round.

Honestly, that's the lowest grade I've seen on him all year. Including during the 2012 football season.

Kevin Grant
Kevin Grant moderator

@AvbanigRanking involves everything from physical traits, skill set, scheme fit, and production. Physically Thomas doesn't really match up to the above players, maybe Elam at best. Thomas is a good kid with a nose for the ball but his speed, issues with tackling, and poor play vs the run are a cause for concern...

Thomas plays in a light version of a similar defense to the Skins at Fresno State. This tape is enough to make you cringe at Thomas playing safety for the Redskins vs Chip Kelly and the Eagles twice a season....



Ha! I knew you'd post that, I' ll say the same thing I said on footballsfuture.com just now.

one game where his team is clearly outmatched talent wise vs the hardest offense to defend in the NCAA is not a great sample size of a players career. Anyone can put together YouTube clips to what they want to, for or against a player but I take highlight or lowlight YouTube videos with a grain of salt.

Also, I noticed on several of those run plays he was getting held, and he got clipped on one play.

He did have a fumble recovery and a sack/forced fumble on one play.

You do realize he was the best defender on Fresno's D that day and the only one who will play in the NFL vs a Oregon offense who has 5 or 6 pro prospects on it, right?

He had 9 tackles, 1 sack/FF and one fumble recovery in the game in his second game since breaking his leg and dislocating his ankle the year before.

He will be picked in the second round or early third round and you can take that to the bank brother!

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