T’s Three Things: Redskins at Titans

| August 7, 2013 | 4 Comments

So I’m gonna do something new this season, where I’m going to look at three things I’m going to being paying attention to for the upcoming game. Then after the game, we’ll see what the results were (the results for some may come after a couple days, like tomorrow night’s game for example)

Let’s kick things off with the preseason opener:

1. His Health. He’s key to this offense reaching its maximum potential. They say he’s healthy, but I’m still skeptical. He’s probably my favorite Redskin so I’d love to be proven wrong. But until I see him get back out there on the field and take some hits I’ll still have doubts. Of course, the guy I’m talking about is Roy Helu.

2. Leonard Hankerson. I have a feeling Mike and Kyle are going to test and target Hankerson early and often this preseason. And, like most other fans, my patience has run thin with Hank Time. He’s in that critical 3rd year. So is Robinson, but he’s beasting in training camp. So all eyes are on Leonard. That Hankerson had a better % of passes caught than Robinson last year is often overlooked. And rather irrelevant, all things considered. Hankerson had some easy passes that he flat out dropped . That plus his reputation of not having the best work ethic during the week makes many fans think he’s fortunate that guys like Briscoe haven’t stepped up themselves. So this is your time to prove us all wrong Leonard.

3. Kai’s Kickoffs. I get the importance of hang-time, distance, etc. on kickoffs. What I don’t get is using two roster spots for a kicker. So I want to see Kai show improvement on his kickoffs and end this John Potter experiment sooner than later.


What will you be watching for?




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Helu is a surprise and Hank needs to catch and break tackles. No more juggling acts and getting to the gound.


Hankerson had 4 drops all season...


Helu is healthier than the guy that many people thought would replace him- Chris Thompson, who's barely practiced all offseason and didn't just have a foot issue the last two years. He had a broken back in 2011 and a torn acl in 2012, which it doesn't seem he's recovered from.


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