T’s Three Things: Bills at Redskins

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First let’s take a look back at the 3 Things I was watching out for on Monday night against Pittsburgh.

I don’t see what LeRibeus has done to earn a roster spot on the team to be honest, other than we need the warm bodies for interior OL depth. Ditto Dejon Gomes for safety depth

If we don’t find a place on this roster for Pat White, Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen should be fired. DC, Virginia, and Maryland should all refuse to fund a new stadium for the team. The league take over ownership of the team, and then Goodell should just let them fold into oblivion….guarantee some fan is going to have that kind of response when they cut Pat White

Ok, so here we go Saturday afternoon football at FedEx

1. Oh Mr. Wiiiiiilsonnnn!!!: Josh Wilson is expected to make his preseason debut and all eyes will be on him. I’ve said it before, I thought he was going to make it to training camp. But then he agreed to take a pay cut and I said “ok he’s safe” Many of you, including @MrDCSports @TKextremeskins @HTTR24_7 @Rich_Campbell and @John_Keim, don’t think he’s safe at all. And made the great point that if they’re offering him a pay cut to stay then they have no problem letting walk. I think he’ll make the final roster but it’ll be close.

2. Not Another Brandon Banks!: Since the minute he was drafted I’ve firmly believed that Chris Thompson was brought here to do the things they envisioned they could do on offense with Brandon Banks. Remember the Bengals game last season? Thompson made his debut on Monday night and instantly showed us why he could be the next Brandon Banks…he fumbled the ball. This is not what I meant when I said Thompson could be another Brandon Banks. Let’s see Thompson hold onto the ball and stay healthy today

3. End of an Era: Sadly, I think this will be Nick Williams’ last game in a Redskins jersey. He’s had limited opportunities to show what he can do these first two preseason games, and when he’s gotten the opportunities he hasn’t wowed. I like his game, think he’s a solid player. But I’ve never realistically thought he was anything more than a practice squad candidate this year. I hope to see him get in on a few plays, and maybe catch the eye of some other teams around the league

What will you be watching for?



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I gotta say I agree with all of it.

I don't see think LeRibeus or Gomes have done enough to make the team this far.

I think Josh Wilson is still our starting Qb opposite the "gambler" DHall. Wilson is still the teams best cover cb, he just doesn't have the size or natural athleticism that Hall and Amerson do, but Wilson doesn't gamble as much

I want Pat white to make the team also, but with the question marks surrounding Griffin and now even Cousins, I think we must keep Rex! Sadly, because of that, I don't see White making the roster. If Kirk hasn't hurt his foot, I would have been comfortable in cutting Grossman in favor of White, but not now.

Right now Chris Thompson looks like a practice squad player to me. I hated his selection in the draft, I thought he was a 7th rounder or FA type, given his injury history and sadly- it's proven to be true. Unless he can get the ball on the edges, he seems useless. He's not going to be a Sproles type player for us and even at this point, it doesn't seem he has the gifts that Banks had. I think this team needed ILB depth, not more mid round RBs and that goes for Jordan Reed also- I would have rather seen us take an ILb in round 3. Our TEs did fine in 2012 even with Davis' injury.

Nick Williams- I could care less.

There are only two WRs who have a chance to make this roster as the 6th WR and that's Lance Lewis and Dez Briscoe. Each of them have to play a lot better the last two games to make that happen though.

Ultimately, I see us keeping 5 wrs and putting Lance Lewis and Skye Dawson on the practice squad

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