The Story of Meredith Barber, Robert Griffin III’s (Completely Fake, Lying, Fictional) Side Chick

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It wasn’t that long ago that Richard Hurd, a 26 year old former member of the Baylor men’s basketball team, tried to extort Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. The harsh reality of life in the NFL is that one way or another, people will try to exploit you somehow. Luckily for RGIII, Hurd was caught, charged, and received 18 months in prison after his extortion attempt.


Since she didn’t try to extort RGIII personally, Meredith Barber likely won’t have to deal with any jail time. However, she will have to deal with a lot of embarrassment.


Last week, the website Busted Coverage posted a story referring to Meredith Barber as RGIII’s “side piece”, and accused Griffin of texting her on his wedding day. While the story didn’t get much attention nationally (it did wind up on Deadspin), it did cause a mini-panic attack in Redskins Nation over the franchise quarterback potentially cheating on his new bride.


Allow me to sooth those fears by telling you that they’re a straight up lie.


Thanks to a lot of tireless work from Richard Bruno (a.k.a @RedskinsRich on Twitter), we have a much clearer picture of here Meredith Barber actually. Namely, that she’s not RGIII’s side piece, but another misguided human being hoping to profit on the kindness of others.


I think it’s fair to say this starts with a friend of Robert Griffin III, William Mallow, and RGIII’s desire to play wing man for his buddy.





It’s Meredith Barber who initiates contact with William Mallow by following him.





Barber follows up contact with Mallow by tweeting that she and Mallow are going to go see RGIII soon, which he retweets. RGIII doesn’t respond.






This is the one tweet that Rich could find with RGIII ever mentioning Barber, and this is just in passing while Barber and Mallow flirt it up.





More flirting…


Still more flirting…




From September through November, Mallow and Barber share these kind of flirty Tweets back in forth. Then, in October, Mallow hooks Barber up with an autographed picture from Robert Griffin III.


Busted Coverage also posted this picture of tickets Barber allegedly got from RGIII —

Intrepid Redskins fans as well as our own LL quickly pointed that the above tickets are not player tickets, but regular season tickets. It’s also fair to think that, given the relationship between Barber and Mallow, the “he” Barber is referring to isn’t RGIII, but Mallow. Below is a complete gallery of conversations between Mallow and Barber on Twitter.




This appears to be a case of RGIII playing wing man for his guy, and one girl getting a tiny bit caught up. Meredith started the wheels turning with what she would later claim was a joke by a  friend.


Busted Coverage picked up on the tip, and then started to extrapolate a fictional account of what happened. Barber even initially comes clean about some things.

But it also seems apparent that Barber realized she had something on her hands after Joe Kinsey pushes her a little.

Ask yourself this; what’s a more likely story? That Robert Griffin III, on his wedding day no less, texted Meredith Barber, and Barber then turned around and tweeted about it, blowing her and RGIII’s cover on a whim because she was super jealous?


That RGIII was just being a good dude for his friend and helping him out by giving her an autograph, maybe Facetiming with her (even though we here are all swear we saw one of those pictures during our run in with a certain red-haired catfish). That William Mallow bought her tickets and used his relationship with Griffin III for his own attempts to date her. And that Barber told a bad joke that got picked up on by Buster Coverage, and upon realizing her situation, Barber saw an opportunity to take advantage?

Barber wasn’t even the only girl Mallow would use his relationship with RG3 on….

Mere32PaigeGetsPhoto Mere33PaigeComments


In today’s media culture, being first is always preferable to being right. The reason this story gained no traction nationally is because it’d take all of five minutes for another blog to confirm something like this.


Busted Coverage got a hot tip on a potential story, and basically said “screw being right, think of the clicks an ad revenue.” Which is a trait a lot of internet blogs have.


Barber saw the post, and initially probably tried to do the right thing. But once it became clear money was involved, it wasn’t hard for Barber to realize that she could profit off tarnishing Robert Griffin III’s reputation.


Mallow did confront Barber, and he did put his explanation of events out there.


Look I’m going to cut through the BS and just get down to it. We both know that Meredith is looking for attention/money. I know this is what you do for a living and you thought that this would be a golden opportunity but the fact of the matter is that this is completely false. I was with Robert the night in question, and there was zero texting of other girls, much less selfie stomach shots. That isn’t even close to what the bathroom of the suite we were in looked like.

It’s completely unfair to crucify a guy who is a role model to hundreds of thousands of people because all he’s done from day 1 is the right thing. The guy didn’t take a SIP of alcohol during the entire time of the bachelor party in Vegas the weekend before. He’s completely committed and in love with his wife, and would never jeopardize that.

If you want any further information or proof, please let me know. I also have screenshots of Meredith yesterday admitting to me via texts that this was all a joke and that someone grabbed her phone.




As for those Facetime Photos, Rich Bruno explains those as well.


There are five photos attached to the email to help me show and explain to you the method I used while analyzing Meredith’s photos. I took the two RGIII FaceTime photos directly from BustedCoverage, In order to disprove RGIII spoke with Meredith I used Error Layer Analysis which is a part of Image Forensics.  Below is an explanation for ELA.


Error Level Analysis (ELA) is an algorithm that evaluates the error level potential of a JPEG image. JPEG is a lossy image format; every re-save degrades the picture. The amount of degradation varies based on the number of saves. The first save loses a lot, the second save loses a little more, and by the 20th save, it is probably as low quality as it will ever get. When a picture is modified, the changed parts have a higher error level potential than the rest of the image. ELA works by saving the picture at a known quality level (like a JPEG at 95%), and then determines how much changed. Edits and splices appear as regions with more change. See the tutorial for more detail.


To summarize, ELA is a method to analyze the distortion or change done to a photo. A photo can degrade by a simple save with more saving leading to more degradation. When you change a photo in Photoshop, you are degrading the original image and adding something with its own respective characteristics. When a photo goes through Photoshop, the changes leave a hidden trail to show what was once done to the image. ELA takes the photo and analyzes it for this error potential highlighting any areas which are effected. The highlights notorious for Photoshop include a rainbow like feature over the image or white noise where an image has undergone a change. In each RGIII FaceTime photo, the white noise corresponding to Photoshop shows up on Meredith’s face and information showing a doctored image. It is not unique to her white face or a white background with some black or consistent pattern included. The images have color yet are completely covered by the white noise. To further prove this, the Busted Coverage logo is also white noise while RGIII and everything else in the image maintains its integrity shown by the black. You can see this in both pictures. 





To help explain, I attached Explanation Images 1 and 2. Image 1 is a picture of a Pomeranian which was analyzed and has a resulting all black image showing its original characteristics. There have been no changes to this image.




Explanation image 2 is a Photoshop image of RGIII celebrating with the Lombardi trophy (I can’t wait until this becomes real life in February). The image, sadly, is a fake. You can see in the image how everything in it is black except for the Lombardi and RGIII’s jersey. The jersey was a Baylor jersey changed to Redskins colors.



One last image attached is a FaceTime control used to show the results expressed here are not generic for all FaceTime photos. I took a real life, unaltered FaceTime image and also analyzed it. As seen in the attached image, there is a smooth and consistent pattern. There are no drastic or heavy white signals.


This technique is all about discrepancies and out of the norm items. If an image does not flow smoothly, one can draw conclusions a change has occurred. It does not tell you what type of change or specific details, but if you know what you are looking for, it is perfect. This does prove the images she has provided are fake; therefore, I expect everything else she has yet to reveal to be fake as well.

In addition to what I’ve stated, each picture provided to Busted Coverage lacks its original EXIF data which is a virtual thumbprint. Images lacking this origin data are notorious for being Photoshop projects as well.



For Robert Griffin III, this is an unfortunate lesson on what you can and can’t do with friends. For all intents and purposes, Griff did nothing wrong but try to help friends out, and clearly Mallow was a good enough friend that he was in his wedding party. That being said, sometimes it’s better to exercise discretion, even when you’re trying to hook a homeboy.


For William Mallow, it probably means a little less using his relationship with Robert Griffin III to impress people. Girls that hit you up on Twitter are worthy of a little more scrutiny when you happen to be the very close friend of the guy who is quickly becoming the biggest, most famous athlete in sports.


And for Meredith Barber, the best thing she can do at this point is just come clean. If she’s a real Washington Redskins fan, she knows how much Griff has meant to this city and this team in the short time he’s been here. If she wants to come clean to, I promise I’ll try to be as fair as possible. If she wants to come clean on her own, that’s fine as well.


But she needs to come clean. And quickly.


Follow me on Twitter @kcclyburn.

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hey so i actually know Meredith unfortunately so i can just tell you everything so that it can be done with. I was there when meredith face timed with RG3. Yes it actually did happen. She screen shot the pictures and put them on instagram. From instagram they were screen shot again onto my ipad and i sent them to busted coverage so that she would not make any money off of her escapade. I thought i was awful what she did. Also the person that bought her those tickets was actually her boyfriend Chase. Her instagram has more of the actual story. The fact that she tried to ruin his reputation just to make a little cash astounds me. If you want to know more just ask. I can most likely answer it


Thank you for the post...big fan of RG3 but also know people are human and I'm not going to make an idol out of any football player. Parts of the story sound fishy to me...good to see someone dig a little deeper. I mean why is he begging this girl on his wedding night...seriously? What hours before his wedding he felt the need to shag this chick...and she supposedly said ,"no". Later she promised to sell "D" pics to an investigative website...seriously...


I don't think your photo evidence is as convincing as you present it to be. The Pomeranian and Lombardi trophy pics are good baselines but you also need pics recreating the photos in question as best as you can. Get a black guy in front of an off-white wall on Facetime for one comparison and then photoshop RGIII into a different Facetime screenshot for another and run those through fotoforensics. Also, that much white for the supposed RGIII Facetime photos wouldn't be surprising either way because of the focus of the images, the background color and the relatively low quality of Facetime stills. Furthermore, the white isn't limited to the transition between the background and the headshot profile, there's plenty of white within the headshots.

[I think Panther's fan was talking about the last image (your "Facetime control" which seems to be a photo of a tablet running Facetime). He's right that there is a bright white blotch off to the left but it isn't actually part of the Facetime image.]

I'm certainly not saying that what I consider to be unconvincing evidence proves anything one way or another, I just don't think the photo evidence part of your article says as much as you think it does.


It's clear you know nothing about photoshop.


So wait, you're going to believe the girl when she says it was just a joke (Even though she changed her mind about that right after), but not believe her for everything else? It sounds like you just don't want to believe this is true.

RGIII was always with one girl or another at Baylor, even when he was hardcore dating Becca Liddicoat. This was no secret on campus--you can ask literally anyone. We always thought they had an open relationship, because he didn't bother trying to hide his women. Maybe that's what it is, though texting on your wedding day is pretty low.


This is sad, and required so many mental gymnastics to put him in the clear. I don't know why RG3 needs to be some paragon of virtue to fans--all I care about is the football. It's not the end of the world if he's cheating.

Logical Panthers Fan
Logical Panthers Fan

Pathetic... this journalism is no better than anything else that has been posted out there.  You redskins fans are desperate. lol.  First off, your "real life" facetime picture DOES have heavy white distortion... center screen to the left.  Seriously?  Dude... Uber weak disproval theory.  Second, it doesn't matter because the facetime pics were sent in  by another anonymous source that never claimed to be Meredith.  Maybe you want to do ACTUAL research next time instead of just reporting on bits and pieces you think will acquit your QB...  Finally, since WHEN does tryin' to be a wingman for your boy ever make a dude immune to gettin' with a girl in secret or if his boy f's up the relationship with the girl?  Griffin may not do this if he's the golden boy he is portrayed as... but if he is NOT and is willing to cheat on his wife, why would it be so hard to believe he'd go after a hot piece of tail that he previously tried to set his boy up with?  


I almost never post on websites but this is phenomenal reporting. Thank you for excellent journalism.


I knew the story was a lie as soon as I hear about it because, frankly, RGIII isn't that kind of man, and even if he was, he is too smart to do what Meredith claims he did. 


grammar nazi here "I promise I’ll try to be as far as possible". You mean fair right? Well anyway I'm posting the story all over the enterweb. 


@KeithRansom  no she never texted him on his wedding day. she only tweeted about him. Then she got some idea to sell the pictures and make some money off them. She never had any dirty pictures. that was just to see how much she could make i assume


@dan Okay so i was there when they face timed. it was all the way back in 2012 that they did. She posted the picture all over instagram. So by the time it got onto the website it had already been screen shot from her iphone put onto instagram, then screen shot to an ipad and emailed to busted coverage. So i figure thats why the whole investigating thing wont work


@dan Exactly. Just for the edification of @kcclyburn and Rich Bruno, you need to compare apples to apples (and not Pomeranians). Here's an instagram of a facetime screen grab between a mom and her kid:

Here's the ELA:

There's ALWAYS a noticeable difference between local and remote participants in a video chat because the former is necessarily less compressed/lossy.

Also, where is this dumb-as-rocks girls supposed to have gotten Facetime grabs of RG3 to doctor in the first place?


@kenziek It's clear you know a ton with all the none debunkin you're doing.


We all saw RG3 with ladies at Baylor. He shagged more tail than everyone else combined. Hurd used to pound his new wife. No secret to anyone there. There were several pass around girls in that clique.


@BaylorRG3Fan Wow...coming from a baylor alum during the RG3 years, did you ever witness this first hand? Cause rumors are always flying around campus yet, no one saw it first hand. But hey, thanks from using your awesome SN to post such information. You make the school look a bunch of gossiping junior high girls. Seriously, I want proof.


@BaylorRG3Fan So, let's think about this for second. We're the naive ones because we actually spent days researching this, and came up with a solid and proven technique for showing that the pictures were fake and came up a plausible story.

...And what you have is second hand info because Rob was allegedly on campus with other girls.

Well next time I need a source on unconfirmable BS, I'll come to you. I'll stick to my way of doing things, thank you.


@Logical Panthers Fan Center screen left?

You mean the Busted Coverage logo? The Busted Coverage logo that we say proves that the image of Meredith Barber is Photoshop?

And RG3 has not been portrayed as a golden boy. The dude has been scrutinized for just about every damn thing under the sun. Jumping up and down on the stage at the draft day party, working out at OTAs, talking too little during the offseason, talking too much during OTAs, accepting wedding gifts from fans, snubbing McNabb, complaining that he talked smack about the Cowboys and then spinning that into a political debate.

He's been portrayed as anything BUT perfect.


@Logical Panthers Fan Shouldn't you be planning a heist or similar scam with your QB?

Kevin Grant
Kevin Grant moderator

@teh_galen @kcclyburn

"Also, where is this dumb-as-rocks girls supposed to have gotten Facetime grabs of RG3 to doctor in the first place?"

The internet & a friend. One of the screen grabs was sent to me last July but had a different lady in the pic. That lady ended up being a catfish we outed with the Redskins & the NFL. The "dumb as rocks" girl also happens to be a graphics major. 

She has stopped with the BS & the story is dead unless she wants to risk ending up in court. 


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