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Welcome to our new readers.  We are The Saunders Brothers, Frank (@FLIII1) and Seth (@50GutsIsEnough).  Though fourteen years separates us in age, we both grew up on the Rappahannock River (Lancaster and Essex) and both graduated high school in Richmond (Godwin and Atlee).  And we were both raised on the 2R’s:  ‘Rasslin’ and Redskins (I realize for most of you it’s 3R’s, but we never really got into Racin’).

Though the road of life has been well traveled by both of us, our love of those two things has never diminished.  We now live in Kansas and South Carolina, respectively.  For most of our adult lives, we have been Redskin fans living outside of the Redskin broadcast region, and far, far away from one another.  Yet, in that time, we have not missed the opportunity to share each and every snap.  This has forced us to become familiar with varied media like: NFL Sunday Ticket, the Watch ESPN app, the Sports Bar Locator app, and 980espn.com.

We are those crazy fanatics who demand to watch Redskins Kickoff prior to every game, and both episodes of Redskins Post Game Live.  There is hardly ever a weekly press conference that we don’t stream, all from hundreds (or thousands) of miles from Ashburn and Landover.  This forces us to communicate through non-traditional means.  We have become savvy with g-chat, twitter, and facebook messenger.  In doing so, especially during a fast-paced live football game, you have to, sort of, create your own language; sayings, acronyms, and code-words that quickly ascribe a meaning or message.  After doing this for so long, they have become the lexicon of our Redskin language.  So, in order for us to more effectively communicate with our new-found audience, we wish to offer a primer; a pocket translator for our weekly posts.  We hope that these terms become as familiar and comfortable to you, as they do to us.



  • My Way Mike:  We are not suggesting that we invented the label for the current regime leader, nor the acronym.  We are also not sullying the iron-fisted despotism of Shanahan’s leadership style.  Hell, after Zorn, it’s nice for someone in Ashburn to have a “leadership style”.  Whenever we refer to coach, though, this is generally how we’ll do it.
  • nick crozier“Nick Crozier”: For those who are unfamiliar, this is Aaron Eckhart’s Offensive Coordinator from Oliver Stone’s “Any Given Sunday”.  Whenever we refer to Kyle Shanahan we will generally use some sort of derogatory nom de plume.  This just happens to perfectly sum up the character that we envision Kyle to be.  We may also use one of the characters from the classic “Teen Titans” comic book, like Kid Flash, Speedy or Aqua Lad.  The point is to be both cutting of the nepotism of his hire, and the prowess that he assigns to his offensive genius.  Make no mistake about it, we appreciate him when he gets it right, but you have to live within your identity, a theme that you’ll see recurring with our analysis, and so many times, Kid Flash over-thinks it.  You’ll see.
  • YouTube Preview Image     “Attitude reflect leadership, Cap’n”: Our favorite line from Disney’s “Remember The Titans.”  We are big leadership guys, and very supportive of the leadership figures on this Redskin roster, and very critical of those who either do not exhibit those qualities, or seek to undermine those who do.  We are most critical of those who think that they have leadership responsibilities, but do not exhibit any leadership capabilities: read “DeAngelo Hall”.
  • YouTube Preview Image“Guts is Enough”: In case you haven’t picked up on it, movie lines will play a large role in our posts.  In Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 classic “Full Metal Jacket”, his drill sergeant character, Sgt. Hartman, portrayed by R. Lee Ermey, utters the following line: “Private Joker, he’s silly and he’s ignorant, but he’s got guts and guts is enough.”  For us, this is the quintessential compliment that can be assigned to a Redskin.  We will use it time and again.  Of course, this is different from…
  • YouTube Preview Image“50 Gut”: 50 Gut was the name of the play where John Riggins(@riggo44) ran left, looking for a hole between Bostic and Grimm or Grimm and Jacoby.  It is quite simply a power run, up the gut of the offensive line.  It is a test of manhood.  It is the foundation of Redskin lore, which makes it part of our DNA as an organization.  If we are ever in short yardage situations, our natural inclination, as an offense, should be to run 50 Gut.  That’s who we are.  Always.
  • redneck“Fredericksburgers”: Whenever we are demeaning of what we deem as ignorance by our fan base, we will assign their heritage to Fredericksburg.  I can’t think of anything more demeaning.  Well, except for maybe…
  • YouTube Preview Image“Merlinders”: People from Merlind.  The ones from Ann ‘rundel love dem Ravens, hon.  The ones from Hagerstown cheer for The Iggles, and the ones in Cumberland like The Stillers, yinz.  Since we are from The Commonwealth, and feel like we need a Glock when we go to Landover, we generally are demeaning to our neighbors to the north.  Of course, if you support the Skins, y’all are family!!!
  • YouTube Preview Image“Bend, Don’t Break”: This, unfortunately, has become the mantra of The Redskins new 3-4 defense.  The defense’s propensity to forget the need to pressure the opposing quarterback, and their inability to cover any opposing eligible receivers often leads to the defense giving up the “home run” play, as you all know.  Thus, we have become relegated to hoping and praying that this won’t happen.  That this defensive crew will allow movement between the 20’s, but will tighten up, and prevent the opponent from getting in our end zone.  Haslett did a magnificent job of scripting just this after the bye, especially considering how many injuries were incurred, and how many wrong pieces are on the roster.


  • “LFB”: London Fletcher (@LFletcher59).  Yes, we know that he only used his big mama’s surname for the ’06 season.  But, we’re going to keep rocking it, ad infinitum.
  • YouTube Preview ImageEMAW: Every Man A Wildcat.  Disclaimer: I’m married to an EMAW.  This is the slogan for KansasStateUniversity.  That is the alma mater for Rob Jackson (@RobJax50) and Brandon Banks (@speedybanks16).  You do the math.
  • YouTube Preview Image“The Butler”: Alfred Morris (@Trey_Deuces).  This is a tilt of the hat to Bruce Wayne’s (aka Batman’s) lifelong man-servant, Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth.  We love them both.
  • YouTube Preview Image“Pain Tolerance Issue”: This is the reason that our #1 WR and key off-season free agent acquisition Pierre Garcon (@PierreGarcon) gave for not playing in weeks 2 and 3.  We translate that to, “he’s a pussy”.  We are aware of the 9-2 record in the games that Garcon participated, and fans of his work during his single-season tenure.  However, if you’re getting paid $2,100,000 to play football, please give a better reason for calling in sick than “pain tolerance issues”.  Please.

If you come to understand these colloquialisms, you will come to understand us.  We look forward to you being a part of our conversation.  #HTTR


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Ha, I was actually much more concerned about the ball-busting I knew was coming from the staff for blowing up the interview. I hadn't seen that video in years - laughed out loud when we found it.


How does it feel to bust in on a London Fletcher interview? Surprised you're freeze from that " oh sh*t " feeling...

Frank Saunders
Frank Saunders

The "PR Slappy" walking in on Glazer's interview with LFB is @50GutsIsEnough #HTTR


Well done Fellas.... Welcome aboard #HTTR

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