So KC already took us through the main factors Mike Shanahan has looked for when drafting players during his Redskins regime-senior, team leader, individual accolades.

And now you’ve probably gone through thousands of mock drafts filtering out all the juniors and sophomores from your list. But you’ve still got several dozen names floating in your head.

The draft is just over two weeks away and you’re going crazy trying to come up with the perfect mock draft for the Redskins. Fear not, I’ve unearthed five little-know Shanahan tactics guaranteed to make your mock draft the envy of all your friends.

1. Go West Young DB
He only drafts DBs from colleges west of the Mississippi River (Boise State, Nebraska, Iowa, SMU)…so all you Cyprien, Rambo, Swearinger, Ryan, Banks, Slay, McGee, Webb, Shamarko Thomas, Wreh-Wilson and Amerson fans, I’m sorry it’s not happening.
So place your bets on guys like Phillip Thomas, Duke Williams, Jordan Poyer, Will Davis, and Marc Anthony.
2. Do You Bowl?
If you didn’t play in a Bowl game your Senior season, he’s not drafting you.
So cross Marc Anthony off your list
3. It’s Pronounced Du-ké
Tell me the last time Mike Shanahan drafted a DB for the B & G who had a monosyllabic first name? That’s right, you can’t.
So say goodbye to Duke Williams and Will Davis.
4. Nah man, John’s my Last Name. First name Sean
2010-Terrence Austin, 2011-Niles Paul, 2012-Alfred Morris. If you’re an offensive player with a last name that could be a first name chances are Mr. Shanahan’s got his eye on you.
Christine Michael, Stepfan Taylor, Zac Stacy, Jonathan Franklin, Jordan Reed all fit this bill
5. Maybe John Feinstein Was Onto Something
You ever notice how Mike Shanahan only drafts RBs who wore predominantly white helmets in college? Evan Royster-Penn State, Roy Helu-Nebraska, Alfred Morris-Florida Atlantic (I’ll wait while you google image Florida Atlantic Football). I’m not sayin’…I’m just sayin’
So cross Christine Michael, Zac Stacy, and Jonathan Franklin off your list.
Go Write Up Your Mock Draft
Armed with this time-tested knowledge I “guarantee” the Redskins will draft Phillip Thomas, Jordan Poyer, Stepfan Taylor, and Jordan Reed.
Congratulations! Go place some bets with friends and win some money
*disclaimer: the above was for entertainment purposes only and this site does not endorse nor is accountable for you fools parting with your money

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