32 Teams, 32 “Bold” Predictions (in order of predicted finish by division)


NFC East

Washington Redskins: Fred Davis will be the first TE in Redskins history to gain 1,000+ yards receiving in a single season


Dallas Cowboys: Bill Callahan will be named head coach following a week 6 loss to the Redskins that drops them to 2-4. They’ll then proceed to win their next 6 games


New York Giants: Eli Manning’s consecutive game streak will come to an end, as Ryan Nassib will get one start due to injury.


Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles will score 40+ points three times this season…and lose every time


NFC North


Green Bay Packers: Randall Cobb will lead the NFC in receptions


Chicago Bears: By the end of the season, the new offensive mastermind people will be talking about is Marc Trestman, not Chip Kelly


Detroit Lions: In a desperate attempt to save his job, Jim Schwartz will bench Matthew Stafford following back to back 4 INT games


Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings’s starting QB for the last 4 games of the season is not currently on the roster…hello Vince Young!


NFC South


Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta will be the last team to lose a game this season. Week 12 against the Saints


New Orleans Saints: Um. I don’t know. Something about Sean Payton’s return


Carolina Panthers: Steve Smith will announce that he’s retiring at season’s end


Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Josh Freeman will receive a contract extension at mid-season


NFC West


Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson will be named MVP


San Francisco 49ers: They’ll miss the playoffs


St. Louis Rams: Stedman Bailey will have a better rookie season than Tavon Austin


Arizona Cardinals: Bill Bidwill will petition to move the Cardinals to the AFC West


AFC East


New England Patriots: Danny Amendola will be a free agent bust, but rookie WR Aaron Dobson will shine


Miami Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill will be added to the conversation of great QBs from the 2012 draft


New York Jets: Somehow the Jets will avoid the cellar (Doesn’t get more bold than that!)


Buffalo Bills: Jeff Tuel will win more games as a starter than EJ Manuel. Neither will win more than 4


AFC North


Cincinnati Bengals: Marvin Lewis will be named Coach of the Year. And both OC Jay Gruden and DC Mike Zimmer will be HCs elsewhere in the NFL next season


Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens will return to the AFC Championship Game


Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers will finish under .500 for the first time in over a decade


Cleveland Browns: Jason Campbell will enjoy a career resurgence under Norv Turner, and then get cut…because that’s just his luck


AFC South

Houston Texans: Houston will have the best record in the AFC…and then get bounced in their first playoff game


Tennessee Titans: Jake Locker will finally vindicate my support of him and lead the Titans to a surprise 2nd place finish (just missing the playoffs)


Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck will endure a sophomore slump when some of his “how was that not intercepted?” passes of 2012 actually become INTs in 2013


Jacksonville Jaguars: Denard Robinson will become the first player (I think) to have a passing, rushing, and receiving TD in a single game (Hey we’re being bold here-let’s throw in returning)


AFC West


Denver Broncos: After Week 2, the Broncos will resign Willis McGahee who will lead the team in rushing


Kansas City Chiefs: There will be one blockbuster trade at the deadline and it will involved the Chiefs acquiring a WR


San Diego Chargers: Danny Woodhead will be a FA steal


Oakland Raiders: Oakland will be the last team to win a game this year, and Dennis Allen won’t be the HC to enjoy it



NFC Championship Game: Seattle’s not getting past the Redskins this time

AFC Championship Game: Peyton Manning will deny fans a chance at a Beltway Super Bowl

Super Bowl: Redskins fans will hate me for my prediction

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