Initial Redskins 7 Round Mock Draft

Round 2: Kenny Vaccaro FS Texas

Reason: Vaccaro is the definition of a versatile S. He can play as a nickel back, play the deep half and even play some in the box as a SS. What he does best is make plays and provide an extra spark to the team. If Brandon Merriweather can stick at SS, then Vaccaro can handle the FS position and put this team in a lot better position moving into 2013











Round 3: Brennan Williams OT UNC

Reason: Brennan is one of my favorite OT’s in the 2013 class. A big and athletic OT who gets to the second level easily. What Williams will bring to the O is what is missing now, and that’s a guy who can seal off the edge and provide a little extra time for RG3. Adding Williams to young OL players like LeRibeus and Gettis provides a bright future for the Redskins OL.









Round 4: Rod Sweeting CB GT

Reason: Washington needs a ton of help in the Secondary and this year Sweeting has elevated his game to being a top 100 pick. With good size and solid technique so far, Sweeting can come in early and provide a spark as a nickel CB. Sweeting projects as a starting caliber CB when its all said and done









Round 5: Brandon Williams NT Missouri Southern State

Reason: I was tipped off on Williams during the offseason but really didn’t pay much attention to it. As the season started the NT need began to show and I watched Williams finally. What I saw was a guy who hasn’t played against the best competition, but absolutely dominated who he played against. Possesses a strong anchor, and will surprise you with his pass rushing arsenal. A guy who has high character by all reports and can very well be a starting NT in the NFL









Round 5(From NE): Marquess Wilson WR Washington State

Reason: This is the typical risk pick that Mike makes in certain drafts. He did it in 2010 with Trent Williams, and did it in the past with guys like Maurice Clarett. Now they don’t always work out, but with a guy like Wilson who has beyond high upside, it would be tough to pass up on him with the potential to have a #1 WR. Wilson has suspect hands, but will always make the ridiculous catch. Character concerns with Wilson, but if he plays like he can, the Redskins will have a huge steal on their hands









Round 6: Ray Ray Armstrong SS Faulkner College

Reason: Again another risky pick, but one that if it pays off could provide huge dividends for the Washington D. Armstrong is a SS in the NFL and is extremely raw as a player, but if a coach can refine his technique and get him to play the game smart he could be a pro bowl caliber player. Without playing this year teams wont have any film on him this year and the risk is certainly high with Armstrong and his off the field issues, but I think in the 2013 draft we see Mike make more risky picks









Round 7: Chris Thompson: RB Florida State

Reason: Okay I’ll stop with the risky picks with this one, but Thompson when healthy would be the perfect dynamic RB to pair with Alfred Morris. If you all thought our O was potent now adding a guy like Thompson in the backfield with RG3 would make it that much more dangerous. Thompson has the speed to take it to the house every play, but has had injury concerns with the back injury last year and now the ACL injury this year. With a coach on the proverbial hot seat next year, Mike will look to add dynamic players on both the O and D and Thompson certainly provides that.









Final look at the draft:

The 2013 mock here provides a solid mix of playmakers on O and D to help rebuild the Washington Redskins into a playoff caliber team. If this draft were to happen and the picks for the most part work out, Mike Shanahan might have just rebuilt a team from a basement level team into one that can compete for the playoffs every year. While there certainly on risk picks and we can’t assume all will work out, a guy like Wilson at WR could be the best pick of every one of them. Vaccaro at FS would provide stability and leadership and a versatility any coach would love.

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